Friday, February 20, 2009

My pretty Prince---ess?

Landon just chillin watching his movie!! I put my make up under my sink but I guess thats not such a good place for that anymore. I walked into find Landon making himself "beautiful" as he said. He was trying to put the mascara on his eye lashes, good thing I caught him before that turned into a mess and a painful lesson for him. I thought it was too funny. He usually sits on the counter and talks to me while I put my makeup on and just chats with me, but I guess he has really been watching me and picking up on the proccess!!! Doesnt he look beautiful?
He has the pouty face because I told him that we were going to have to wash that off and then he has the fake pouty face, the "im going to pretend to cry so maybe you wont do it" face. :O) Silly boy, if only your father knew!


Amy said...

This is so funny!!!! What a turkey! Love the pouty face.

Kirsti said...

It's amazing how quickly they can get into trouble. I think it's impossible (especially if you have more than one child) to keep them out of trouble!

Amanda said...

Evie likes to eat my mascara. I pretty much had a heart attack the first time I caught her doing it!