Friday, February 20, 2009

My 6 month old darlin!

Sorry about all the pictures, its just been FOREVER so I had lots Such a big boy sitting up in the chair

He loves his finger its always in his mouth, one of them, or his foot, never his thumb though, and I give him the binkie he still like the finger.
Big bite!

Fingers again

What a cutie

Look at that drool line

Finger finger finger ohhhhh finger, what am I going to do with you!?

Love those eyes

I like to eat eat eat

I know I can get this in there if I just try a bit harder.

Brotherly love!!!

Sorry about the light on this picture!!! there is my happy baby boy!!!

So Braddoc turned 6 months on the 8th so this is just a bit late, but life has been crazy I have hardly had time to get on here and do much of anything... so anyway here are my sweet babies stats...

13 pnds 13 oz
28 inches

He is down half a pound from his 4 month visit, but he has grown about 2 inches... so, they want to check him at 9 months instead of a year to make sure he is okay. Im sure he is fine, he is just tall and thin.

He eats like crazy, on top of breast feeding I also feed him a half a jar of veggies and a half a jar of fruits EVERY meal time, so about 3 times a day. And he gets mad when I make him stop eating. The only time he every really cries is when I am not getting his food fast enough or when I stop the food.... he likes his food, which is why its hard for me to believe that he is still 4 pnds away from doubling his baby weight... wish I had that problem.... eat all the time and not gain weight. He hollars at me too, he does not cry he does that thing most kids dont start doing till they are older where they fake cry, wait to see if you are looking and then do it some more. It cracks me up that he has learned that already... and its usually just about his food. Dont mess with his feedings!!!

For half birthdays ( just their first half birthday) we do half birthday cakes. Braddoc loved it!! He did not like the getting cleaned up part but he loves the rest!!

Both the boys are having a hard time adjusting to Noah being gone, its hard for them most the day and Landon cries a lot because of it. Braddoc was sleeping through the night when Noah left but then he stopped the night Noah was gone... I finally had to let him cry it out and now he is sleeping from about 6ish till about 6ish and then eating and going back down till between 8-9 so thats much better....

I can not believe how much I love this kid, more and more each day, he is a total joy to have around and always puts a smile on my face. I am so greatful that I get to be here with him everyday, I could not imagine being Noah and being gone from my baby for 8 months, its just such a blessing that even though Noah is gone I still get my beautiful boys...

here are some of the reasons we adore Braddoc:

*He loves his fingers!!! He just naws on them all the time, they keep him happy!!!
* His crazy fo hawk hair. People ask me all the time if I do his hair like that or if I cut it that way.... nope its just like that, even after his bath list night, boing back to a fo hawk .:O)

* He smiles all the time!!! anyone whoever sees him or holds him talks about what a happy smiley baby he is.
*He has no stranger aversion, he will let anyone hold him and still be all smiley and cooey.
Which makes it nice on Sundays when I am needed in Primary and he has to go with one of my friends.

* He does not wake me up with crying, he wakes me up with his cooing and talking.

*He is SOOO good in the car

* He loves to hold things and looking at them, he is very observant.

*He likes to cuddle and will nestle his head into my neck and just rest it there.

*He loves to hold noses hair and necklaces, not pull just hold!!!

*his feet are still his best friend and he is content to just play with and chew on those.
*He has a HUGE smile, I dont think I have ever seen a baby smile so big, his mouth is not big enough for his smile.

* He adores Landon and just watches him all the time and loves to play with him

*He is soooo ticklish and laughs so hard when I am changing him or I kiss his neck.
The other day I left him on his back on the floor and Landon about 5-6 feet away on the floor with some popcorn, I went upstairs to grab something and hear a scream and then massive crying. I come running downstairs to find Braddoc on his tummy over by Landon with his hand in the popcorn bowl and popcorn all over the floor. Landon had a fit that Braddoc had gotten into his popcorn..... so he is some what mobile and Landon is not so sure weither he likes that or not. :O)


Amy said...

What a cutie! He is so skinny..can't get over that! Avery gets a hold of Blake's trucks and Blake gets so upset. I guess our big boys will get a great lesson in sharing very soon!

Kirsten and Jon said...

We love your little munchin too! He reminds me of how big Ila was. I just checked her growth chart and she was 13 lbs 14 oz and 25.5 inches. Pretty close, Braddoc is just streched out more :)

Kirsti said...

I can't get over how much alike your boys look. You can definitely tell they're related!