Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Military style child

So we have been working with Landon to make sure he can say his name and that you can understand him. About a year ago I found a little boy roaming the streets and held onto him until the police got there, I kept asking him his name and he would tell me but I could not understand him. So when Landon really started talking I was adment that he would be able to say his name legable. He has know for some time how to say his name but I will check with him all the time to make sure he has not forgotten. :O)

So todays conversation:

Me: Whats your name?

Him: Landon

Me: Whats your full name?

Him: Jenkins, Landon Ross

Me: What?

Him: I said Jenkins, Landon Ross.

So military! Such a silly kid


Dez said...

That is great. Such a good idea to teach them. I will have to start working with Ashlynn on that she calls herself Ashie or Bug-like that would help anyone. When does Noah leave? I know sometime this week. I have been thinking of your family.

The Jenkins Family said...

he leaves on monday!! We are trying to get everything worked out before he goes. Its been crazy. :O)

Curtis Family said...

Ha ha ha, that is too cute!

Amy said...

LOL. so funny. I wish Blake would say his name. He says his name is "you" sounds like "jew"!