Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kids say the darndest things

After I tucked Landon into bed he wanted to read a book so I gave him a Noahs Arc book and he told me "No not that one, its scarey." I said "Its scarey huh? Its not scarey. Show me whats scarey." "yes it is mommy, look, I show you, come here, look at something." So he opens the book and shows me a page where the animals are hiding and you have to open the flap and see the animals. He shows me a part that has a litte black cave with little white eyes, if you open the flap its a little mommy and a baby fox. "See mommy, it scarey." So I guess the dark cave was scarey.
Then I start to head out the door and he lays back down and says, "Huh! Mom, buckle me in." "Buckle you in? What are you taking about." He starts pulling on his blanket, "Buckle me in please." AHHHH tuck him in, same difference right. :O) Silly boy!


Amy said...

funny that he was scared of the dark cave. Blake is getting more and more aware of things that may be scary. It drives me crazy sometimes because he says so many things are scary. He won't walk into the kitchen with out the lights being on and says scared of the puppy. I think that's because he let in a stray dog through the garage one day while I was in the bathroom so it ran through the kitchen and then licked all over Avery on the floor.
The buckle me in is funny too! What a sweet boy.

Amy said...

I did freak out! I think that's another reason he acts like it's scary.