Thursday, February 26, 2009

Come again? How does that work?

So I went to the grocery store today and since Noah is making more money while he is in Iraq I have been working on building up our food storage with some of the extra money. I bought like 50 batterires, a ton of extra 24 count boxes of fruit snacks, 8 rolls of paper towels, a ton of water, gatorade, spices, 2 big boxes of raisins, 10 frostings, a bunch of cans of nuts, 12 juices, a bunch of detergents, on top of all the regular groceries and spent the same amount that I always spend. WHAT???? How did that happen? Maybe because I was husband free and kid free and no little extra items end up in the cart seemingly out of the sky. It was one of those times where I wanted to take a picture of everything and post the "Look at all I got and this is all I spent." kind of post, but time was short so I did not do it but I was totally blown away by how little I spent on everything. Anyway, thought it was so much fun when I saw the price!! anyway lots of fun just wanted to share and ask that curious question: Does this happen with you too? Do you spend less, or get more for the same, if you go shopping by yourself?


Amy said...

nice!!! I wish I could stock up with extra cash. I never have enough it seems. That's why I love Publix and their great BOGO!
I love shopping alone but I actually buy more for Blake when he's not with me I guess I miss him or something :)

Kirsti said...

I definitely can spend less when I'm by myself. I don't have little voices in my head asking me for things (that includes my hubby).