Friday, February 20, 2009

The Best of Friends

I am so greatful to have such wonderful friends here in Las Vegas. Its so nice to have such a wonderful network of good friends that I can call on at anytime. I know that I could not make it through this deployment with out all there help. I and greatful for the wonderful relationships I have with some of the ladies here in our ward. Vegas is not so bad because of them and because of our ward. Who needs family when you have great friends like these. So many of them have done so much to help me already and I am so greatful for them.
Thanks every one for the phone calls and emails. Thanks for the visits and company. Thanks for letting me borrow your husbands for manly jobs around the house and for blessings.
Thanks for the invites over to houses and to go shopping. Yall are all lifesavers and I can not even begin to thank you enough. I know that even though Noah will be gone for a long time I will not be alone.....

Landon also has great friends and I am so thankful for that. Here are just a couple of pictures of him and his friends

We went to St. George for a day trip a few weeks ago with some friends the Hills and the Ashtons, the guys went skiiing/boarding and the girls went shopping, This pictures is at Cafe Rio, my very first visit. Landon, Kate and Mason (elise and braddoc are hiding) Landon and Bridgette at Noahs going away party.

Mason, Ila and Landon hamming it up. Group hug!!!

Anyway, thanks everyone for all you do. Yall are the best and I am so greatful to have friends like you!!!


Amy said...

I'm glad you have such great friends there! I would be there if I could!

Kirsti said...

I'm also glad you have such a great network of friends.