Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Okay, Im stalling

I really should be packing right now but I am so behind in my posts I figured I would do some quick updates. :O) They cleaned the carpet yesterday and it looks really good, the only down fall is that the last owners spilled red and orange and blue stuff all over the carpet and it would not come out, so I spend a good bit of time yesterday cutting out the ones that were chunks sitting on the top of carpet, I only got a few rooms done but it looks so much better already. I am going to paint the trim today and then we can move in. YEAH!!!! I spent three hours cleaning the kitchen yesterday while they cleaned the carpets. 12 top cabinets, 14 bottoms cabinets, 16 drawers sure take a long time to clean, I never want to scrub those bad boys out again. Anyway at least thats done now.

Lately Landon has been so funny, he has been ending everything in Right? Kind of like canadians and eh? He will say, time to go to bed. right? I drink my juice, right? this is so fun, right? my trains not working, right? I have no idea where he got it but its so funny!
Today he asked me to help him get his cars down, I told him to hang on for a minute and he slaps his hands on his cheeks and said "Oh child!" I suppose I say that too him too much, I usually say it too him when he does something crazy like spill all his food, or before he was pottied trained and would pee on the floor, I would just shake my head, laugh and say "Oh child." Well I guess now he is saying that to me.

He came up and gave me spanking yesterday and told me "Bad boy." I laughed and told him "Mommys not a boy mommys a girl" so he spanked me again and said "Bad girl." I usually swat at the dog when she does something bad like go potty in the house and tell her bad girl, and Landon does that too and tries to put her in time out, so I guess thats where he gets that from.

The other day Braddoc had a huge explosion, as we were getting ready to leave (one of THOSE days), Landon was finishing off his lunch (spaghetti) and so I took Braddoc upstairs to change him. He had poop up on his neck and down by his feet, and under his arm pits, so he had to take a bath. I bathed him but forgot a towel so I hollared at Landon to come and help me ( he is a big helper). I hear him coming up the stairs and wait for a minute and then I dont hear him anymore, so I turn around to get his attention and there he was standing right behind me. He knows not to touch anything when he has food on his hands, so he had his hands holding each other, too cute. Then I really look at him, he has his pants and underwear off and is COVERED in spaghetti sauce, it looks like he rubbed it all over his body, including his privates.... OH MY GOSH!!!! We need to be out the door in like 10 minutes when dad gets home. So into the bath he goes...... then I get Braddoc out, dress him and go to take him downstairs, as soon as I hit the landing he spits up and it goes EVERYWHERE, all over the floor, me, him and the walls. Oh, what an afternoon. :O) At least Landon is going poo poo on the potty and I only have one kids diapers to change.


Kirsten and Jon said...

That is hilarious! He seems to really like lotion, or anything else that he can rub all over!

Kirsti said...

Oh dear Aurie... one nice thing about those days is how good it feels to lie down in bed at night and relax. It always feels best after a really crazy day.

Angelina said...

Wow, you have really been working, I wish you would have called me-I could have come helped. We actually walked by your new house on Monday but didn't see your car, just the carpet cleaning van so we didn't knock.

Amy said...

Crazy day!!! Being a mommy is hard work and not always fun but always worth it. Sounds like one of those days I would have cried and laughed at the same time. Make sure to journal it.