Sunday, January 11, 2009

New house!!

Sorry that I have not been on here posting anything with the new house yet. I have been over there till about 11:30 every night this week painting. The walls were all pink, lavender and hot pink, it was horrible so we took on the giant task of painting all the walls in our 2230 sq foot house. Not an easy feet but its done, (for the most part, I still have two walls in the kitchen to paint and also some of the bathrooms) but that can wait till after the carpets are cleaned. they are coming tommorow, I am so excited. I cant wait to see how all of our hard work turns out. Noah has not even seen the house really since I started painting. He has been my domestic diva at the house while I have been painting. He has taken care of the boys and cooked dinner and gotten them ready for bed every night this week. Thank you so much honey for all of your hard work, I love you so much. I am a very lucky wife.

I have not wanted to post pictures till the painting is done, so I will take pictures tommorow and hopefully get them posted this week. I have several other posts waiting on deck, I just need to find the time to get them on here too. :O)

Anyway, I am exhausted, my only non painting day and is the weekend of one of my brothers and sisters birthday so we got together for dinner tonight, so no real time to do much blogging today either. :O(

All right stay tuned. (Kirsti :O) )


4 Nuts In A Basket said...

I'm so excited for you guys and I can't wait to see the pictures! If everything goes as planned this summer, I'll be down in your neck of the woods again, so hopefully I'll get to see it all and our boys can all play in your new yard!! But oh my gosh, I don't know how Nellis is, but at Ft Rich, when you move out of housing into the civilian world, the check list is brutal!!! When my friend moved out they took a black light to the carpets. It was absurd!! I hope they are much nicer to you guys!!! Have fun and good luck!!!

Amy said...

I've been waiting!!! Can't wait to see it. Wish I was there to help you paint. I would love to. I heart painting houses!!! I keep dreaming of ways to decorate our new house. :)

Katie L said...

Awesome!! I wish I lived near you because I love to paint walls! I can't wait to see pictures!!

Kirsti said...

Alright alright... I'll be patient. You're awesome to get all the painting done. Andy and I haven't done any painting since we moved in. Who knows if we'll ever get it done! It definitely would have been a lot easier to do it before we actually moved in.