Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My five month old darling

Braddoc is getting so big, I can not believe that he is five months old already. He is right there on the verge of everything. He is trying to sit up and talks up a storm. Here are some of the things he is doing and some of the reasons we love him so much:

*He has cut two teeth, his bottom two front teeth. He has done surprisingly well cutting the teeth, especially since he has an ear infection to go along with it.

* He loves to chew on things, all his animals and all his toys on his bouncer. He attacks them like a little Parana or a shark. He stares it down and then moves in for the kill. :O)

* He talks all the time about everything, I wake up every morning to him talking in his room, not crying to get up but just talking about everything and too everything.

* He is such a mellow kid, he just chills and takes everything in and watches everything.

* He can take his binkie out of his mouth, he sometimes can get it back in, most the time he takes is out and just holds it in his hands and looks at it, and then of course, Attacks it!!!!

* He loves his big brother, he could just sit and look at Landon all day long. Landon goes in to get him up from nap sometimes and will talk to him until I get there, and Braddoc is all smiles just loving it all. I am so glad they love each other so much.

*Braddoc loves to play with toys. He loves to hold things in his hands and just look at them, he turns them in all different directions.

* He loves to sit on the couch with all of us, he sits there and just looks all around, sometimes he even leans forward and sits up by himself for a few seconds before falling over. :O)

* He loves to chew on his feet. I will lay him on the couch, come back less then a minute later and his socks are soaking wet because he has sucked on them so much. He also sucks on his toes and chews on his feet. Silly boy!!!

*He is very tickelish, everytime I take his shirt off he laughs, anytime I kiss his neck he laughs. He is just so tickelish! And his laugh is so sweet!


Kirsti said...

Before I had the twins I would often think how I couldn't imagine having more than my little Carson. Now that I have more than one I can't imagine having only one. Does that make sense? If it makes sense to you than you probably understand what I mean! I guess what I'm saying is I bet you can't imagine what life would be like without Braddoc. :)

Amy said...

Wow! He is getting big and such a cutie! Love their little giggles.

Kellie said...

Dang, he's so cute!