Friday, January 23, 2009

The long awaited arrival

Sorry about all the pictures. They are mostly all for the inlaws. :O) Enjoy! Remember I have not really decorated much yet and half the house is still in boxes and I have only hung two pictures so these are after paint before decoration. Ill post more after I am all done.

Guest bathroom downstairs.

Laundry room. I love how long it is in there and how big it is, I love the cabinets and the counter top for folding clothes.

The living room/great room from the loft area.

The half of our master closet that we have not filled, and our clothes dont even have to be smooshed together, yeah!

Noahs half

My half

Master bath

Boys bathroom, I love that they have double sinks too

The toliet and shower have a door too.

Half of Braddocs room (i love the clouds, thanks dad)

Landons room

This is the Loft area/ play area right behind me are Landons room and Braddocs room, to my right is the boys bathroom and then about mid picture to the right is the guest/craft room and the linen closet (the double doors are to the master bedroom)

The view of the den from the living room. (like me make shift curtain? I really need to hang my curtains.) Off to the right through the little hallway is the family room

The living/great room

The double stair case, you can see to the right of the picture the second set that goes down into the kitchen. The dining room

Half of the kitchen

The back stairs

Other half of the kitchen, I have not painted half the walls in the kitchen yet, I still need to buy the paint..... To the left of the picture is where the "Harr Potter closet" is. It goes up under the stair case and turns to the left and to the right and then again.... I love it, can you say food storage? Ill post pictures of that when I get the shelves up

The family room

The side of the family room

The view of the kitchen from the family room. ( I love these two rooms and how open they are to each other while still having a divide.)

View of the family room from the kitchen

The little nook in to the family room from the den, off to the left is the kitchen

Okay, like I said Ill post more when I finish the rooms. I did not post any of the master bedroom because we still have boxes sitting in there. :O) Ill post of that soon


Kirsten and Jon said...

Looks like you have tons of room!

Amy said...

Love all the room and the openess. The stripes in landons room are adorable.

Kirsti said...

What a cute house! I love it! I'm glad that you were able to move into a beautiful new house before Noah left. I think it will help to keep you busy... along with the new calling! Yikes, busy lady!

Amanda XOX said...

It looks way more spacious!! Congrats on the new pretty house and new calling!!

Amanda said...

It look so spacious, lucky! And I have grandfather clock envy. Love it.

4 Nuts In A Basket said...

House looks great! So roomy and comfy!! Congrats.