Friday, January 23, 2009

A Little bit of Landon

Sorry about all the pictures, I am just trying to get caught up. :O) Hope you enjoy
Lining his babies up on the back stairs, he did not want me to take a picture as you can see.

Being like his daddy.

Big puppy dog eyes. And time for a hair cut

Isnt he the cutest?

Look at me mommy I being a catcher. I catching. :O) (make his daddy proud)

How do you go from this sweet face, to the crying one in 2 seconds flat. Mention the word daddy.... "I miss my daddy. Where is he?" (man he is only at work what am I going to do when he is across the world?)

While watching Baby Einstein he sees a baby and says "Oh look a baby like Braddocs a baby."

*Big tears* Oh no my Christmas tree. Where is it? (we left it up till we moved here and then put it away) I need my presents.

Bye mommy i have my purse and my babies, Im going to a friends house. See you mommy poola. (a call him landimoola, dont ask why i dont know, but i guess I am mommy poola now.) I need keys lock door. (Huge gasp while looking down at himself) I have my Pjs on, I get dressed go to friends house. (tries to get shirt off with out success) I just go in my Pjs. (heads off to the front door.

L:Please get me dressed.

Me: As soon as I lay baby brother down

(a few minutes later, after I layed Braddoc down and we are back downstairs)

L: (big shy while giving me the glare and dropping his arms to his side) You get me dressed.

Me: Oh sorry

L: Lets go up stairs.

(after we get all of his close out and Im heading back downstairs)

L: (exsaperated shy) My underwear!
Me: They are right here.
L: Oh hurry fast fast downstairs, back stairs, lets go, get dressed.

Comes and finds me and says "Look Im being mommy." When ever I am on the phone trying to take care of bills or Primary stuff or house stuff I always have the pen in my mouth, I guess I do it too much. :O

Bringing me one of his little train men. "Look I found this guy in my toy box. Wonderful right?"
(while Im changing Braddocs diaper) Landon makes a gagging sound and says "I need scoot back."

I am getting a clorox out to clean something "I need toliet paper I clean stuff too." (as soon as he get the "toliet paper" he starts to clean me.... guess Im dirty

We are entering the What stage?
Whats that? Whats happening? Whats getting him? What are you doing? What are you saying? What are you eating?
Anytime he is watching a movie, we get a million what questions. Ahhhh getting a taste of what the why stage will be like.


Amy said...

cute pics of him. He is so funny.

Angelina said...

I LOVE the pic of Landon w/ the pen in his mouth on the funny what kids pick up on that we dont even notice we do.