Sunday, January 04, 2009

Killing time!

It was so rainy in Disneyland the first day so we played with the boys and Noah had lots of fun taking lots of pictures of me and the boys.... mainly trying to get a good one of Braddoc..... "Mom I am done taking pictures"
Silly face! Thats the face he makes when he is talking.... its so funny

More interested in the TV then paying attention to dad trying to take a picture.

What kind of faces is that? (okay dad needs to work on camera skills, this one was taken among many before I said, "turn on the flash." Ahhh such simple things yet he does not think of them. :O) (still got to love em)

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Boston Family said...

fun pics! I think both are little talkers braddoc and avery could have fun just talking to eachother. I see a similar face from my little guy.