Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A crime was commited

Time: Somewhere between the hours of 11 am and 1 pm. Discovered around 1:09 pm but the actual time of the incident can not be confirmed.

Where: The bedroom of a very sly little boy.

When: January 1st 2009. Hello New Year!


THE VICTIMS:When interviewed by this detective the Suspect responded, pointing to the victims, "Their bum bums dirty, I clean them."
So there you have it, the confession.
The punishment: Community service with the victims and their friends. (his babies)


FAB said...

He is so cute, Aurie! How funny. Congrats on your new house.

Mark and Aubrey said...

I can't believe he's cut two teeth already! It's too bad I was sick this week, I love painting and would have come to help. Let me know if you have any painting projects in the future.

mikensi.jimmy said...

ha ha, that last pic... too cute!

Amy said...

What a cutie and a stinker! Blake dumps out his wipes at least once a week. Drives me bonkers!!! but he has never had a good excuse like Landon!

Dez said...

Now that is cute!!! I can't believe Braddoc is growing so fast. He has the best smiles:) Glad you are moving over here closer to me. Call me sometime and lets get together.

Brandi Rhoads said...

I don't know, he looks pretty innocent to me. I think you better look else where for your culpret.

Robyn said...

Cute post. Way to look at the lighter side of things.