Friday, January 23, 2009

A bundle of Braddoc

My sweet baby is sitting up. Sort of! He can sit up with out back support on the couch for a little bit. He gets tired and leans forward or backward when he is all done. Its really cute, I cant believe he is getting so big. You can see his little frohawk in this picture. No matter what I do with his hair it still sticks straight up all over on top. :O) Its really cute

Got to love that face. What a sweetie! He is still such a great baby, so happy and fun to be with, he laughs all the time about everything and just enjoys life. He loves to eat, play, watch his brother and be a big boy. I sure am a lucky mom!


Amy said...

aww what a cute boy. He is getting big, I love when they can sit up. Not too long and he'll be on the move.

Dez said...

your boys are so cute!!!! your house looks great!

mikensi.jimmy said...

what a stinking cutie!!!