Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random things

I got tagged for this on facebook but thought it would be fun to put on here too.

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.
(To do this, go to "notes" under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click post.)
1.I am very competitive, I love a good competition but I hate to loose.
2. I HATE eggs, the smell, the taste, even the sight of eggs makes my skin crawl.
3. I am terrified of sharks, I wont even swim in lakes for fear of sharks, and the lines at the bottom of swimming pools gives me a panic attack because I think its a shark. I will never go on a cruise for fear of the ship sinking and I survive only to have a shark eat me but I am facinated by them.
4. I LOVE One tree Hill, I am so addicted!
5. I love kids, I could talk to kids and carry on a conversation with kids all day. Sometimes I would rather talk to a kid then an adult. Maybe thats why I am the Primary President in my ward.... maybe not who knows.
6.I HATE bugs, they creep me out and if I see one or one touches me I am eternally creeped out. I especially hate cockroaches and literally get sick to my stomach just thinking of them, if I see one I some times will gag! I really hate the thought of bugs even being anywhere near me.
7. I WILL see Greece before I die. Thats my life long goal, I want to go to Greece.
8. When I got married I wanted 12, my husband vetoed it so I said 8, he laughed and we agreed on 5..... we will see about that. :O)
9. I found out with my last baby that I can not go into labor on my own.
10. I only want one girl. If I have more then 5 kids then maybe 2 girls, but I really just want lots of boys, I do want at least one girl. If I have all boys I wont cry, but if I had all girls I would. Guess its a good thing I have 2 boys already.
11. I love the smell of cinnamon and the smell of coconuts and lime.
12. I am allergic to wheat/gluten. No bread, pasta, cakes or anything premade for me. I have to bake everything myself and use Rice flour instead. I love too cook so its not too bad. My husband is allergic too.
13. I dont drink milk, never have and probably never will.
14. I love shopping for home interior stuff. I love redoing my whole house. I probably redo it at least twice a year.
15. I love reading! I dont have much time for it at the moment but when I do I love feeling like I am wisked away into another world and feel like I am living some sort of crazy adventure, I usually cant put a book down and stay up all night reading. My favorite authors are Clive Cussler, Iris Johanson, Mary Higgins Clark, and I love reading any church type book fiction or non. I am also one of the few people who has not read TWLIGHT and has no desire or interest in doing so what so ever.
16. I dont have a very good relationship with my mother, and any time I try to make it better she just lets me, my husband and my kids down, so I sometime wonder why I even try.
17. I have endometriosis and a doctor told me I would never have kids. I had to have surgery to get pregant with my first son and had to see and infertility doctor to get pregnant with my second. So much for no kids......Hopefully we can keep having healthy babies.
18. I miss the snow. I want to live somewhere with snow, I miss seeing it in the winter and I am so tired of the 120 degree heat in Vegas in the summer.
19. I will not eat left overs. I really dont like them, the taste just makes me sick. I am not really sure why, it just does and therefor I usually wont eat them. Chili and spaghetti are about the only things I will eat left over.
20. I am afraid of what the near future holds but I am not going to let it stop me from living and loving my life.
21. I am sure I will die of some type of cancer. All my grandparents have and my aunt and mother both have had run ins with Breast Cancer..... so the odds dont look so good.
22. I love war movies. I love historical fiction and end of the world type movies. I dont know why, I just am really intreged by them. Movies like Day after Tommorow, Saving Private Ryan, We Were Soldiers... those types of movies. ( I dont watch R rated movies but I do buy them pre edited from and LDS store) I also LOVE James Bond, this last bond is the only one I have not seen that has come out in my life time, in the theaters.... I just had a baby so I missed it.... :O(
23. I am a terrible sleeper. If I get woken up I have the hardest time falling back asleep. I will start thinking about a million things and then cant go back to sleep, its even worse If I have to get up for any reason, not so great when you are breast feeding (at least he sleep through the night)
24. I am an organization freak. I reorganize things at least once a month. I hate feeling like I dont know where something is or feeling like I could have something organized better or in an easier way for me, so I redo it all the time.
25. I love to dance. I love dancing around the house with my boys. I would love to take dance classes with my husband and I totally miss swing dancing. I just feel so layed back when I am dancing. :O) I even dance while cooking.

I tag anyone who wants to do it, I already tagged several of you on facebook but for those of you who dont have facebook I would really like to hear your random things too. :O)

Monday, January 26, 2009

My By Self

Whenever Landon is doing something and he seems like he needs help one of us will ask him if he wants us to help him and this is usually what we get every time. "No, I do it my by self." Its really cute, I love that is wants to figure stuff out on his own and learn. If I can tell he is getting really frustrated and I ask him "Are you sure you want to do it by yourself" he will respond, "I do it my by yourself." Such a cutie! Heres to independence!!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mommy wow Im a big kid now

Landon reading his book to me! Such a smart boy! I am so impressed each day by the things that he knows and the things that he is showing me. He is so much fun! I hope you enjoy the video!

A bundle of Braddoc

My sweet baby is sitting up. Sort of! He can sit up with out back support on the couch for a little bit. He gets tired and leans forward or backward when he is all done. Its really cute, I cant believe he is getting so big. You can see his little frohawk in this picture. No matter what I do with his hair it still sticks straight up all over on top. :O) Its really cute

Got to love that face. What a sweetie! He is still such a great baby, so happy and fun to be with, he laughs all the time about everything and just enjoys life. He loves to eat, play, watch his brother and be a big boy. I sure am a lucky mom!

A Little bit of Landon

Sorry about all the pictures, I am just trying to get caught up. :O) Hope you enjoy
Lining his babies up on the back stairs, he did not want me to take a picture as you can see.

Being like his daddy.

Big puppy dog eyes. And time for a hair cut

Isnt he the cutest?

Look at me mommy I being a catcher. I catching. :O) (make his daddy proud)

How do you go from this sweet face, to the crying one in 2 seconds flat. Mention the word daddy.... "I miss my daddy. Where is he?" (man he is only at work what am I going to do when he is across the world?)

While watching Baby Einstein he sees a baby and says "Oh look a baby like Braddocs a baby."

*Big tears* Oh no my Christmas tree. Where is it? (we left it up till we moved here and then put it away) I need my presents.

Bye mommy i have my purse and my babies, Im going to a friends house. See you mommy poola. (a call him landimoola, dont ask why i dont know, but i guess I am mommy poola now.) I need keys lock door. (Huge gasp while looking down at himself) I have my Pjs on, I get dressed go to friends house. (tries to get shirt off with out success) I just go in my Pjs. (heads off to the front door.

L:Please get me dressed.

Me: As soon as I lay baby brother down

(a few minutes later, after I layed Braddoc down and we are back downstairs)

L: (big shy while giving me the glare and dropping his arms to his side) You get me dressed.

Me: Oh sorry

L: Lets go up stairs.

(after we get all of his close out and Im heading back downstairs)

L: (exsaperated shy) My underwear!
Me: They are right here.
L: Oh hurry fast fast downstairs, back stairs, lets go, get dressed.

Comes and finds me and says "Look Im being mommy." When ever I am on the phone trying to take care of bills or Primary stuff or house stuff I always have the pen in my mouth, I guess I do it too much. :O

Bringing me one of his little train men. "Look I found this guy in my toy box. Wonderful right?"
(while Im changing Braddocs diaper) Landon makes a gagging sound and says "I need scoot back."

I am getting a clorox out to clean something "I need toliet paper I clean stuff too." (as soon as he get the "toliet paper" he starts to clean me.... guess Im dirty

We are entering the What stage?
Whats that? Whats happening? Whats getting him? What are you doing? What are you saying? What are you eating?
Anytime he is watching a movie, we get a million what questions. Ahhhh getting a taste of what the why stage will be like.

The long awaited arrival

Sorry about all the pictures. They are mostly all for the inlaws. :O) Enjoy! Remember I have not really decorated much yet and half the house is still in boxes and I have only hung two pictures so these are after paint before decoration. Ill post more after I am all done.

Guest bathroom downstairs.

Laundry room. I love how long it is in there and how big it is, I love the cabinets and the counter top for folding clothes.

The living room/great room from the loft area.

The half of our master closet that we have not filled, and our clothes dont even have to be smooshed together, yeah!

Noahs half

My half

Master bath

Boys bathroom, I love that they have double sinks too

The toliet and shower have a door too.

Half of Braddocs room (i love the clouds, thanks dad)

Landons room

This is the Loft area/ play area right behind me are Landons room and Braddocs room, to my right is the boys bathroom and then about mid picture to the right is the guest/craft room and the linen closet (the double doors are to the master bedroom)

The view of the den from the living room. (like me make shift curtain? I really need to hang my curtains.) Off to the right through the little hallway is the family room

The living/great room

The double stair case, you can see to the right of the picture the second set that goes down into the kitchen. The dining room

Half of the kitchen

The back stairs

Other half of the kitchen, I have not painted half the walls in the kitchen yet, I still need to buy the paint..... To the left of the picture is where the "Harr Potter closet" is. It goes up under the stair case and turns to the left and to the right and then again.... I love it, can you say food storage? Ill post pictures of that when I get the shelves up

The family room

The side of the family room

The view of the kitchen from the family room. ( I love these two rooms and how open they are to each other while still having a divide.)

View of the family room from the kitchen

The little nook in to the family room from the den, off to the left is the kitchen

Okay, like I said Ill post more when I finish the rooms. I did not post any of the master bedroom because we still have boxes sitting in there. :O) Ill post of that soon

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Calling!

Okay, so I have been totally busy getting the house put back together. (I took some pictures so I will post the after I painted before I decorated pictures as soon as I have a little bit more time.) Noah leaves in 2 and half weeks, on Feb. 9th, I can not believe it, I am just trying my best not to think about it, I know I will make it through and that in the end our little family will all be closer. I am excited to have the new house to keep me busy, but I guess the bishop of my ward did not think that was enough so he gave me a new calling...........


When he called me into his office to tell me I was in total shock, ME!?? Are you sure??? I had a dream about it the night before and I knew that I had to talk to him that day, so I was kind of wondering but kept disregarding it because I never in a million years thought that my dream would remotely be real..... but I guess I was wrong. I left telling him I had no questions and in about 2 minutes I had a million. :O)

I am totally excited to work with the Primary kids, I have not been in primary since I was a primary kid myself, so I will be learning lots. I am excited for the ladies who are my counselors and thrilled to be surrounded by such great women. Needless to say I have been insanely busy trying to wrap my head around all of this, so therefor no new posts. Sorry!!

I have a meeting tonight so hopefully tommorow we will all know what we are doing a little bit better. :O) We have one of the biggest primaries in the stake so I am sure we will all be really busy. :O) Three of us have little babies too, so this should be interesting. :O)

I have so much to say about how excited I am about this and how overwhelmed and inadequite I feel at the same time, but I also have lots of stuff I have to get taken care of, so my feelings will have to wait. :O)

Alright, hopefully I can post more tommorow. :O)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A crime was commited

Time: Somewhere between the hours of 11 am and 1 pm. Discovered around 1:09 pm but the actual time of the incident can not be confirmed.

Where: The bedroom of a very sly little boy.

When: January 1st 2009. Hello New Year!


THE VICTIMS:When interviewed by this detective the Suspect responded, pointing to the victims, "Their bum bums dirty, I clean them."
So there you have it, the confession.
The punishment: Community service with the victims and their friends. (his babies)