Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wrapping up the holidays

This is what happens when you let a two year old wrap presents. I have been telling him for days that we could wrap his present to Noah and tonight we finally had time. Last night we went to the store and he picked out this paper and tonight I wrapped it and gave him the labels, a pen and some tape and he went to town making it "pretty" for daddy.

Sorry about this pushing the limit picture..... he was naked for like the 50th time that day. I swear I do dress him... he just does not like to be dressed, and well if he really wants to run free for a bit, who cares!!! Usually he has on undies and a shirt or sometimes just undies!!! Anyway, at least he was covering up all the privates....:O) You can see the tape sticking off the box, and the beautiful coloring job he did!

I watched an episode of John and Kate plus 8 last night where they let all the kids wrap presents and I thought.... "How in the world did they handle all of that?" And tonight when Landon was wrapping this present I again thought that with the added, "Im going crazy with just one kid wrapping, let alone 8 kids!!!!" Anway being thankful for what I have..... fun times and great memories!!! And a totally cute wrapping job, hope daddy likes it, this was about a 20 minute project. :O)


Boston Family said...

Cute! You have more patience than me. I would not take 20 min. of insanity for Blake to wrap a gift. I guess that's why I've decided to only have two kids!

Kirsti said...

I can't watch that show, it stresses me out!

mikensi.jimmy said...