Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sugar cookies!!! Yum-O!

Landon and I made christmas sugar cookies the other day. We had a lot of fun, but I really had to work on my not being a perfectionist skills. I let Landon have free reign of making the cookies which resulted in a mixture of frosting colors and sprinkles. He was so funny when we were cutting the cookies to bake, he would cut one out and then want to cute the same one again, needless to say we have to roll up and re cut a lot of them because well an angel in 3 pieces wont come out so good. :O)
The first picture was at the very end, I turned around to get a wash cloth to clean up Landon and in the spane of about 5 seconds he managed to dump the sprinkles into the white frosting..... after a nice talk we had a nice laugh about it, no harm done, just a waste of frosting.... maybe daddy will like it. :O) The finished product, arent they beautiful?
Ignore my no make up face. :O)

Oh I love all the fun christmas crafts!!!


Boston Family said...

Landon did a great job. Blake doesn't have patience to decorate them. he says the cookie is already done let's eat it.

Amanda XOX said...

I'd eat them!

Mark and Aubrey said...

How fun. What's Christmas without sugar cookies?