Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Silly Shower Shananagins!

Landon loves to take showers! He would rather take a shower then a bath sometimes. I left him to go check on Braddoc the other day and I come back into the bathroom to find this, him in the shower WITH his towel. He was playing in there with the towel and putting it in out of the tub, therefor getting the floor and rug soaked. He thought it was so fun and I could not help but laughing, it was just so silly that he thought the towel needed to be in the tub. When he was done showering he thought he could dry off with the same towel he had with him in the shower. Such a silly boy. I tried to explain to him that it was all wet but he still wanted it. Then when I showed him the mess of water on the floor he tried to clean that up with the towel too. Guess the whole "the towel is wet" talk did not take. Oh never a dull moment when you are a mother to a two year old. So you are supposed to burn calories from laughing. I should be stick thin being the mother to this hilarious little man. :O)

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