Thursday, December 18, 2008

Real food..... sort of!

So since Braddoc is under weight I have started feeding him rice cereal and applesauce. HE LOVES it!! I am amazed at how well he does with it and how little mess he makes. With Landon im sure he only got like two bites total out of a whole bowl and with Braddoc Ide say he gets all but about half a bite, he even starts to fuss at me if I am taking to long to get him another bite and he smiles so much when he sees me getting one ready. :O) I took some pictures of him after he ate it to show how clean he was and then in mid smile, mid picture, he spits up about half of what he ate. I was part of the way through feeding him and he was not fussing at me about wanting another bite, so I thought he might be done but was not sure, so I kept feeding him, well I guess he was done. That the only time he has done that in a weeks worth of feeding. He is such a good baby!!! I love that you can see his fuzzy hair in the pictures too. :O)


Kirsti said...

I LOVE his dimples!!

Boston Family said...

Yeah for Braddoc! So glad he likes the food. He needs to pack some on! BTW the last photo almost made me puke! I know I should be better since I'm a mom and all but Avery doesn't ever spit and we haven't gotten into solid foods yet so I guess I rusty! He's a doll though!