Thursday, December 18, 2008

One of the boys!!

We went to Noahs Young Mens Christmas party and Landon had a blast. He loved being one of the big boys. They had video games going all over the place and he was just mesmerized by all of it. He went from console to console watching the games and cheering for the boys playing. He was so much fun to watch. He was such a sweet boy. They did a white elephant thing and he was just so excited to watch the boys open their presents and then they let him open one and it was a Mickey Mouse, stapler. He loved that it was mickey mouse and went around "stapling" everything. I have no idea how he knew what to do with it, but he did. :O) After that though he thought he could open the presents at home, so needless to say we have had to retape some presents and then just give him some of the ones he got all the way open (only 2 of those). Ahh I cant wait till its christmas and the presents under the tree are not a headache for me watch. :O)


Kirsti said...

Carson "plays" Nintendo. When I was at Nintendo World in NY I bought a thing of mints shaped like a Wii remote. It's come in very handy because Carson doesn't realize he doesn't have a REAL remote! Boys and Nintendo - simply inseparable.

Boston Family said...

I love to watch toddlers hang around big kids. Blake loves it! He really wants to be with the big boys. I'm always thankful for the teenagers that don't mind him hanging around. I think it's adorable. Glad these boys loved Landon enough to show him a good time. :)