Thursday, December 18, 2008

My little jumping bean

Landon was not a fan of the jumper, but apparently Braddoc is!!! I was cooking dinner and Braddoc is one of those babies that does not like to be doing the same thing for more then about 10 minutes. Usually I just have to move him for the couch to the floor or give him a different toy, or change his scenery. He was in the bouncer and getting fussy. I could tell his teeth hurt (he is cuting a tooth) so I gave him some tylenol and he was good for about 10 more minutes then he got fussy again (he really just squeeks at me or grunts or hollars till I look at him) so I got out the Johnny Jump Up and tried it out. He loved it! He spun in circles, so fast sometimes I thought he was going to hit his head on the door opening! He was jumping and moving all over the place, it took him a few minutes to get the hang of it but when he did watch out he was on a roll.

I made a video of him jumping in it, but there is a half naked Landon running around behind Braddoc in the laundry room, I have actually discovered that almost all of my videos of Braddoc have a mostly naked Landon somewhere in them..... why do little kids like being naked?


Boston Family said...

Fun! I love the jumpers. I know Avery will love his. I'm just not sure he is ready for all the wild jumping he will do. He has really good head control but I know how strong his legs are and I know he'll be a crazy jumping bean. Probably in the next two months I'll get mine out. I love to see kids get going in those things. I'm sure they are fun. they need adult ones! :) I can see Noah is one!!!

jamiegilson said...

Some of my kids loved them while others didn't. Andrew was so much fun. Poor baby. We'd spin him around in circles and watch him spin back just to watch his eyes continue spinning. His smile was perfect for a dizzy baby so we'd do it all over again.

As for the naked kids. I know. One day we were at a 4th of July picnic with a bunch of friends when someone yelled for me to see my daughter (Izzy--this was pre-Alex days). Completely naked, no diaper, no nothing in cold weather outside. And yep, had to get a picture. She wasn't normally that naked, but she liked running around without clothes. He'll grow out of it ... until he hits the wanting to never wear a shirt phase. That's where we are with Andrew right now--and he's 7. We finally had to make a rule that you can't be out of your room unless you're fully clothed. Still working on that one.=)