Monday, December 08, 2008

My four month old darlin'

Braddoc had his 4 month appointment today. I can not believe he is 4 months already. It seems like its flown by and yet so much has happened. Braddoc is such a good baby, we are so blessed.

He brings such joy into our home and he loves his kisses and likes to be involved in everything going on around here.

At his appointment he weighed 13 pnds 5 ounces and was 26 inches. He is in the 98th percentile in his height and 12th for his weight, they are a little worried about his weight so they are having me feed him a bit more often and try to hold him up so he does not spit up (which he does a tun off, Landon drooled on everything Braddoc spits up on everything.) and try to give him rice cereal. I have to take him back next week for a weight check and if he is not bigger then weekly weight checks and if he is bigger then only monthly. My skinny little man!
He is so busy here are a few of the things he is doing and things we love about him:

* He loves to talk, I can here him in the morning if he is downstairs it still wakes me up because he talks so much and so loud.

* He loves his hands he chews on them all the time and loves to just look at them and then eat them. We say his hands are his best friend.

* He has a stuffed elephant that he loves. Its one of those things we need to go buy 10 of in case we lose one. He just adores it. He talks to it all day long. He had a poop explotion and it got on his elephant, talk about emergency cleaning. :O) Elephant is his best bud too.

* He hates to be in pjs for any amount of time besides sleeping because he cant see and play with his feet. He loves to grab his feet, play with his feet and chew on his feet (yummy!!!). He pulls them up to his face and just looks at them and talks to them.

* He can roll from his front to his side and just hangs out there. He is not a fan of being on his tummy, which is funny because that used to be the only way I could get him to sleep. He will just hang out on his back forever but put him on his front and he cries.
* He loves his big brother, he smiles at him all the times and lets out these big cackles when ever he sees Landon. He loves to watch Landon, talk about cheap entertainment.

* He laughs so much when you get his collar bone, or tickle his chest with your nose or chin. If you say "AH BOO!" to him he will just laugh hysterically. He pulls his hands up to his face and opens his mouth up huge and turns his head and wrinkles his nose when he laughs. Its a full body laugh. It just melts my heart. He laughs so much all the time.
* He has these big open mouth smiles that just go from ear to ear and dimples for days.

* He has such and attitude. He doesnt really cry but he will yell at me. If I am walking by and he wants something or if we have all left the room and he does not want to be alone he will hollar our, wait a few seconds and then do it again. Its so cute to watch because his nose gets all wrinkled up and his eyes kind of get this glare. He just wants his presence to be known and when he does fuss its with total attitude and usually never really crying, he will fuss for a bit and then wait to see if anyone noticed before he does it again. It cracks me up that he has such much attitude and personality at 4 months.

* He is just an all around happy little man!
I was going to post a video of him talking but its about 3 minutes long and was taking forever to upload, so Ill make a shorter one.... next time!!!


Boston Family said...

Cute pics of Braddoc! He sounds so much like Avery. I guess that's what being born 4 days apart will do though!
Braddoc is sooo skinny! Can't believe it. I hope you can fatten him up a bit so you don't have to go get him checked all the time.
I love him eating his toes. Too cute. Avery only loves tummy time so he hasn't really found his toes. He loves tummy time so much but I was shocked when I walked in the room this week and he was crawling around backwards. Don't know if I'm ready for a 4 month old on the move. Ready or not. Man they grow so fast. Braddoc has grown so much in just the last month!

I'm so excited about the house. Can't wait to see the pics!

Cheryl said...

He is adorable!! What fun you must be having!!

Dez said...

He is so sweet. They grow so fast! I can't believe he is already 4 months! I love the cute little stories about Landon too. Thanks for the advice about the strollers!