Thursday, December 18, 2008

My day with my two year old!

Ahhh today was one of those days where the phrase "Dont get mad take a picture" ran through my head about 50 times. :O) So I took pictures and laughed about it with Landon, after of course explaing why we dont do that. The first picture is not a mad picture, it was actually really sweet. I was in the kitchen with another celiac friend, making yummy goodies and Landon was being so good playing with his cars. He came and told me "I do a good job, come see, take picture." So I went in and found a tower of cars, he was so proud of himself. :O) The next two pictures: I made gluten free oatmeal and raisin cookie bars ( so excited when I found gluten free oats). I gave Landon one and told him to take it to the table. I went to peek on Braddoc in the jumper and came back to find this. I asked him what he was doing and he told me "I cut it!" So there is is in crumbles, at least he was smart enough to put a towel under it first. :O)

The next two pictures: It was about 4:45 and I was about to start dinner when my friend who I had been making cookies with stopped back by to pick up her cookies. I turn around and Landon has a lid in his hand, "Mommy I make mess." a million things run through my mind, mostly "where did he get this? and where is the mess?" So I ask him to show me and he grabs my hand and takes me around the corner, points at what you see in the pictures, looks up at me and says "Mommy I just hungry." Poor kid had found last nights dinner left overs (that a certain un named husband was supposed to take for his dinner tonight forgot) and tried to bring them to me, the lid must have come off before he made it to me and the dinner went all over the floor and the wall. Thankfully the meatloaf with the ketchup stayed in the container, that would have really made a mess. Anyway, sorry about the picture of the wall being so blurry, I wanted a picture but I wanted to clean up too, so I took it fast and it did not come out so good. :O) Ahh children!

No pictures of this one because well he was naked again!!! I went into the kitchen after answering the phone. I had left Landon at the table because we were eating dinner and literally the phone had rang every 5 minutes for about 3 hours straight and I was going crazy, anyway I come back into the kitchen to find a pile of salt on the table and Landon rubbing salt all over his naked body.....WHAT IN THE WORLD!!!??? I literally had to hold in my laughter I thought I was going to roll on the floor laughing, what was he thinking? He just looks at me and says, "It feel good on my tummy" (which is were he was rubbing it the most) seriously where do kids come up with these things? Ahhhh defenitely got my comic relief for the day. :O)


Boston Family said...

what a crazy day for mommy!

Kirsti said...

This may sound really random, but your hemstitched napkin is really cute.

jamiegilson said...

Don't you just love those days. It's a wonder why we still have hair on our heads sometimes.