Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The mind of Landon

The latest nap time fun! I get home just as Noah is going to check on Landon because he is crying and he tells me to come and look in the room. This is the site we see, his pants and diaper off and on the floor with many wipes all around, as well as his blanket and pillow on the floor, all of which are soaking wet and a huge wet spot in his bed. "I pee pee my bed!!!" Oh boy did you!! I go over to get him up and begin work on the fixing the bed so he can take a nap when I step in a wet spot on the floor and see pee spray all over the floor. He apparently took everything off and then peed every where. Oh I laughed and laughed! Poor Noah has still not figured out laughing really does make it lots easier!!! :O) It truely was a funny site to see! Ah the joy of boys!

Mommy: I love you Landon
Landon: Um, I love CARS.

Mommy beautiful! (everything is beautiful, his dolls, his food, his clothes, his juice. He tilts his head and in a soft precious voice says Mommy it beautiful. Or awww beautiful.)

He wants to see his dirty diaper after I change it when he takes his nap. And he likes to look at his potty in the potty after he goes (anyone elses kid do this or is mine the rare exception?)

I be silly, mommy, I crazy!

Lusic (music)

Our realtors name is Marlon and Landon loves him. When we pulled up to one of the houses too look at and Landon says "Where Marlon, mommy, where marlon?" It was too cute, it was the first time I heard him say his name. And the whole time we were in the house Landon was running around looking for Marlon and wanting Marlon to hold him. He would yell at him if Marlon was downstairs too tell him to come upstairs and he would go up to him and tell him, "Hold you!!!" It was very cute! Landon is a good judge of character!!!


Kirsti said...

I love... Um, I love cars. That's hilarious.

jamiegilson said...

Good for you for laughing. I'm so tired of potty training right now that I would've just fallen on the ground and bawled my eyes out. But Alex is finally getting there. She possibly could've been trained a long time ago, but I wasn't ready for it (I'm not a patient potty trainer and Izzy wasn't a fun experience so I needed backup man Glen and a lot of mental preparation.=) Today was actually our first day not having to dunk the big girl pants because she finally pooped in the potty. YAY!!! After potty training, I'm hoping to get my laughing back cuz right now it's drained all the way out.=)

As for the looking at the poop after dirty diapers, that was Alex. I think Izzy may have done it too but Alex would get so upset if she couldn't see her poop. I think I'm going to dream about potty's tonight.=)

Good luck on your house. Are you going to move in before the deployment? I wish you all the best of luck and yes, it is all in the Lord's hands.