Monday, December 01, 2008

Koolaid Kraziness!!!

This happened a few weeks ago and I have been trying to blog it forever, but there was always other more current things to blog so now that I have a few minutes...... :O)

Usually if Landon asks us for something to drink and we tell him to wait or not right now then he will go get the juice out and bring it to us. Sometimes he will go and get it before he even says anything. We had company over for dinner that night and Noah had made Fruit Punch Koolaid. I am sitting in the recliner feeding Braddoc when I hear the sound of gushing liquid. I look over to my left and into the kitchen where Landon is standing there with the look of utter shock on his face leaning over under to weight of the pitcher and koolaid pouring out all over the floor. By this time Noah has heard the sound and asks "what is that?" Looking at Landons face and seeing the bright red koolaid gushing all over the floor, I just started cracking up!!! It was the craziest thing ever and here I was laughing. I could not do much because I was feeding Braddoc, so Noah jumps up and goes in there, fussing at Landon....

Poor kid was just trying to get something to drink and it was too heavy and too big for him to carry it with out it spilling. The look on his face was priceless, I wish I could have gotten a picture, but red koolaid= stains and no time to take a picture. He was not trying to be bad or doing something he knew he should not, he was simply trying to assist us in getting him something to drink. I just kept thinking about "Dont get mad take a picture." It was refreshing to laugh so hard and I think it made the craziness of it a little bit more bearable, for me anyway, Noah was just mad. He had to move the fridge and the stove to clean up the mess. He was so busy cleaning that up and Landon had run off to play that we never cleaned up Landon. I saw what looked like a huge rash all over his legs the next morning, nope just koolaid and an early morning bath. :O)

Ahhhh kids! I have to admit I think laughing is a lot more fun then getting mad.


Robyn said...

That is really funny. Did you see my post about Paige and the nerds? The more kids you have the more you have to laugh. My house is always a wreck now and I've decided to just get use to it!

4 Nuts In A Basket said...

...and I wondered why my parents installed a lock on the refrigerator when we were kids!
Actually, I find that I tell myself that quite a bit...laugh not cry or yell. It's a huge stress relief when you can avoid getting mad at them, and so much more healthy for the little ones, to boot!

Mike's World News said...

I think Noah handeled it better than I might have! :)