Thursday, December 18, 2008

It snowed......

......well sort of. We got a bit of snow flurries here at our house, nothing that stuck, mostly more like rain. We showed Landon and he said, "its raining." So I guess it was a bit wet but it was snow non the less, reminded me a bit of break up in Alaska. They did get lots better snow else were around the valley, and we thought about driving to it, but I did not want to get Braddoc out and get him sick since it is RSV season. So we just stayed around the house and watched the snow fall. I did take Landon out to go shopping after I put Braddoc to bed and we got to run into the store in the snow. Landon loved it!!! He was being so silly saying "AHHHH it get me." and covering his head.

I loved driving in the snow. I loved watching the snow falling and hitting my windshield it was so beautiful and peaceful, I was a bit leary of those driving around me who are not used to wet or snowy weather, but other then that I totally enjoyed driving and just watching the snow fall. I loved looking at the street lights and seeing the flakes falling in the light. I tried to get a picture of it, but the light kept overtaking my pictures and Im not a professional so I had no idea how to make that not happen. But it was simply beautiful. I was driving and found myself overcome with joy and happiness. You know the feeling where a sudder goes through your whole body and you feel warm and cozy, that was the feeling. Man do I miss real snow!!!

It did snow enough in parts of the Valley that they closed schools. So Im sure the kids really enjoyed that. :O) Anyway we sort of got a white christmas. I wish it had stuck more at our house so Landon could have played in it, but Ill take what I can get.

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Boston Family said...

fun! landon sounds so cute!