Monday, December 08, 2008

I need be in trouble

I am getting Landon ready for bed. He is being good and cooperating nicely. I get him dressed and turn on the lamp and turn around and he is taking off. He heads out into the hall and for the stairs. So I say:

me: Landon come back here.

no response and he turns the corner to go down the stairs.

me: Landon its time for bed.

still no response and its awfully quiet so I am pretty sure he is not going down the stairs

me: Landon come back here, One.... two..... Landon do you want to get in trouble?

Landon: (very quietly) yes

me: You do? You want to get in trouble?

Landon: (running back around the corner and into his room) I NEED BE IN TROUBLE. (laughing hysterically) I NEED BE IN TROUBLE!!!!

so there you have it. Threatening trouble does not work for my two year old. He needs to be in trouble. :O) He even puts himself in time out when he knows he did something wrong and tells me that he wants to/needs to be in trouble. :O) Nice self decipline I guess.
Landon was talking on the phone to his Mimi and she asked me if he was scared of Santa Claus. I told her that he likes Santa but that he does not want to go near him at the mall. He will just yell to him, "HEY SANTA!" but does not want to go near him because I think he is scared of him in real life.
Landon looks at me and points his finger at me and say: I NO SCARED SANTA CLAUS. NO!!!
well I guess he told me. He repeated this to me until he went to bed..... but is a whole different story when daddy gets home.
Noah gets home from work and goes into say goodnight to Landon

Noah picks him up and Landon lays his head on his shoulder.

Landon: Daddy I scared Santa Claus, penguin, snowman

Noah: It will be okay, they are just pretend and they wont get you their just balloons.

Landon: Santa Claus, penguin snowman balloons?

Noah: Yeah just balloons.

Landon: Oh!!!! (with final understanding) I sacred of snowman scooby doo. (darn you scoody doo)

Noah: Okay we will not watch it anymore.

Landon: Yeah it wake me up.

Noah: Ok well we wont see it anymore.

Landon: Yeah turn it off.

WHY!!!???? why do you have to scare my child? Sorry kiddo did not know it would be so scarey, no more scooby doo.

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Boston Family said...

too funny. He needs to be in trouble. Blake tells me he wants to be in trouble all the time. I think as a boy it's just attention they love to get. The same thing as when they can get girls to scream scared. It's all just fun to them!
Poor guy being so scared of scooby doo. Yeah, we still can't even watch Monsters Inc because it bothered Blake so we are waiting for a while. Too bad cause I like that movie! Oh well, we will stick with Buzz and Cars his two favorite. they don't scare him even though every movie has a scary part.
Yes, we must go to Rosie's when you are here! I'll go anytime. Plus they built a new one across the street from where they were and it's so pretty. Love it!