Thursday, December 18, 2008

Gingerbread house making!

Landon had a blast making gingerbread houses. It took him awhile to figure out that he could eat all the stuff too. :O)It was really funny to watch him he was so serious and admint about needing LOTS of frosting! He really did not eat much candy but he sure did make a mess. He calls his gingerbread house "Cinderellas House." Why? I dont know! but its cute non the less. We bought the houses on Friday and did not have time to make his when daddy would be home until Monday, talk about an impatient little two year old. He actually did pretty good with the having to wait, but I did hear about it alot through out the weekend. :O) He likes to look at it now and tell me he made that. It was hard for me because I am obsessive compulsive and a neat freak when it comes to those sorts of things, so to just let him have free reign and make a mess was a lot for me to do, but I did it. We made sugar cookies today, same thing. Ill post pics later and tell you about that one. :O)

Another totally off topic thing: Tonight at about 7:20 I was cleaning up the kitchen trying to keep busy for about twenty minutes before I felt like I really needed Landon to get ready for bed, since he was being really good and just drinking milk and watching mickey mouse, I figured I would let him have a treat and stay up a bit later then normal, and I knew after the day I had if I sat down that would be it, I would be done for the evening. Landon comes waltzing into the kitchen, naked, and tells me "I ready for nigh night! Get pjs on and go sleep." so I guess he know that it was bed time. After the day we have both had I dont blame the poor kid for being tired, we wrapped presents for daddy, made bread and cookies and cookie bars, and he bounced around the living room in circles for about 20 minutes straight earlier in the day, he was just plum tuckered out. :O) Of course after I get all of his pjs on, "I go pee pee." So Pjs off and to the bathroom....... ahhhh will the night end. I found myself singing Silent Night to him wondering when I could just go pass out, when the thought occured to me that I really need to cherish these moments. That I may be tired but ten years from now, even a week from now when I look back I will kick myself for not being in the moment and cherishing it, no matter how tired I was, those moments you can not get back..... so I stood up and got into the singing, and Landon tells me "No stop dont sing like that....." oh well at least I tried!!!
His new word is "Huh?!" I will ask him to do something or tell him something and he says...... Huh!!?? Oh to have another husband..... :O)

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