Monday, December 08, 2008

From the mouth of babes!

In the car on the way to church I always put on lotion and lip gloss. Landon loves to put them on too. Noah hates it when I let Landon, so I he has been telling him that he is a boy and boys dont wear that stuff. So Landon says " No Mommy boy! I wear dat, mommy wear dat, mommy a boy!" Gee thanks son!

Now anyone Landon sees on TV that is older then mommy and daddy and wears glasses is Marlon. It used to be the prophet, but since President Monson does not really look like President Hinkley did he is the Prophet and all the other ones are Marlon and he gets so excited when he sees them and wants to "Call Marlon mommy, I see him."

On Sunday I was taking Landon out to go potty and on our way out he looks back and see Noahs and yells out " I go pee pee daddy." Half the back of the chapel had to hear him. I was trying so hard not laugh. Comic relief I suppose.

Landon has been into grabing my head and pulling it towards him and giving me 20 or so kisses in a row. Its wonderful! And totally precious!

We have a blow up snowman in our front yard and Landon is terrified of it. I could not figure out why.... he loves snowman. He loved to drive by peoples houses and see their blown ups. He thought it was the greatest thing so we thought when we put up ours he would love it too. Nope!! He says "Snowman scarey!!!" And wants us to hold him. WHY? I had no idea. Then he asked to watch his scooby doo snowman movie!!! AH HA!!! He loves scoody doo and its never scared him before until now. Its a christmas episode and the snowman is the "bad guy" he is not really he is just trying to help his family for christmas. But I figured out thats what scared him, so now we tell him the snowman is nice, and just pretend, it was really a person in there and he was just being silly. So now he says "snowman pretend." but is still a bit scared and wants us to carry him but he loves to look at if from inside the house and any snowman he sees anywhere he says "snowman pretend, not scarey." Silly boy!

Since we are in the proccess of buying a house we have gone over there a few times and asked Landon if he liked the house. He says "I love it, it beautiful. I buy it!" So I guess we must listen to him. ;o) any time we come to our house he says "No mommy, buy other house, beautiful." Just wait buddy we will soon enough!!! :O)


Boston Family said...

Love the potty comment. Sounds familar! He's getting so big! Let me know how the house thing is working out.

Trevor and Tara said...

Where is your new house? I know it is in the ward but just wanted to know general area. Congrats!

Kirsti said...

That's adorable that he gives you so many kisses! Lucky mom!