Sunday, December 21, 2008

Crossing fingers!

Here is some pics cause he is just so darn cute!!!! :O)

I have been weening Braddoc back into his bed. When we moved into this house it threw him all off on his sleeping because he really had no bed for a few days and all his naps were in his carseat or swing during the day so I have been trying to get him back into his bed to actually sleep. The last two nights he did sleep in his bed, it was wonderful. He woke up at 4 the first night, ate and then went back to sleep till 8 and then today he woke up at 6, ate, and then slept till about 7:30 so I think that qualifies as sleepin through the night..... knock on wood. Hopefully he keeps this up, he is such a good baby and adapts pretty well, so crossing my fingers that our trip to Disneyland (leaving today) does not through him totally off his routine. :O)

Braddoc has started to grab at us. He will wrap his arms around our head and open his mouth for big kisses, he LOVES kisses, he even knows when you are asking for a kiss. He opens his mouth and moves in for the kiss, he is so sweet, such a wonderful little boy. He will reach at our faces and rest his hand on our cheeks, its just the most peaceful loving thing. He loves his stuffed animals too, he loves to hold them and kiss them and talk talk talk to them. They really keep him occupied for awhile. :O)


Boston Family said...

He is such a sweet cute happy boy!
Love the fun pictures! Avery is a talker as well. These two need to get together for a chat! Hope things go well with his sleeping. Avery started sleeping through the night this month. It's been nice! Have fun a Disneyland.

Kirsti said...

He looks like such a sweet happy baby.

Kirsti said...

And have fun at Disneyland!! I'm jealous!