Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A childs love

As Landon and I are saying his prayers tonight he is trying to tell me something. He is saying the prayer and after I tell him to bless mommy and daddy, and Landon and Braddoc he starts saying something over and over, I cant figure it out and I cant calm him down so I finish the prayer for him and go to put him in his bed. "NO MOMMY!!! I said bless Marlon" (our realtor)
So we have to say a whole nother prayer to bless Marlon. Then I am tucking him into bed and I sing him a song and tell him "Goodnight, I love you sleep good, Ill see you in the morning." He grabs my hand as I am walking away and says "good night sleep good, see you mornin...." and then he says something that sounds like see you in the mornin again but I know its not, so I ask him to look at me and say it again and take his cup out of his mouth. So he does and he says "goodnight, sleep good, see you mornin, good night marlon, bless marlon."

He really likes Marlon, and I am greatful. Our realtor is in our stake presidency and is a very wonderful, nice, genuine man and I know that Landon can see that and he really likes him. :O) Obviously he has made a spot in Landons heart. :O)

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JHayes said...

That is the sweetest thing I've ever heard! (obviously I agree with Landon - I have a soft spot for "Marlon," too!) :) I love him because he has so much integrity, and has always set a wonderful example for us kids, and everyone who knows him. And we'll share him - he can be an adopted grandpa of Landon :).