Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Picture Tag!

So I got tagged and was supposed to go to my fourth folder and get my fourth picture out of there, which was a little crazy because I have folders in folders..... so I picked the fourth folder and then the fourth folder and then the fourth picture. :O)
Anyway I am supposed to explain.... this is right after Landon started walking, its on the fourth of July and he had only been walking for a few days. He really did not like his feet touching the grass but he dealt with it pretty good. That day was a lot of fun, he was no longer a tiny little man, he could walk and RUN really good. We were watching a little girl named Rhey at the time as well, thats her in the picture. Landon adored her! I tag.... Makensy, Amanda Cox, Amanda Lamb, Kirsti, and Erica.


Tara and family said...

That's a new tag, I like it.

Dez said...

Ah cute! Fun to look back at how much our kiddos change! You were really fast at getting that up:)

Kirsti said...

Thanks for tagging me Aurie, that was fun!