Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh mommy sweetheart

I have been battling kidney stones for about a week now and yesterday evening I think it reach maximum pain scale (at least I hope it was the worst it will get) and so I asked Noah for a blessing. We told Landon to fold his arms and he sat across the room looking at me. Noah put his hands on my head and began the prayer, very quickly I felt two more little hands on the side of my head. I peeked over to see Landon standing there with his eyes closed very tight, a huge smile on his face and his hands one on top of the other reached as high as his little body could reach resting on the side of my head. It was so precious and special. It just made me realize even more what a strong thing the priesthood is, I cant wait till my little men have that same power and authority bestowed upon them, it is truly a remarkable thing.

The title of post is what Landon has been calling me lately. After the blessing last night he look at me and saying "Mommy, sweetheart, feel better?" It is precious, its nice to be such a cute guys sweetheart. :O)

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