Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My eyes hurt!

Normally when I tuck Landon into his bed the hall light is on. Well tonight when I layed him down after turning his light out the hall light was not on and so it was very dark in there. So the two year old logic says "Ow my eyes hurt, my eyes hurt." He starts rubbing them and then shaking his head as fast as he can, when he stops, he tries to adjust his eyes, then says it again, "Ow my eyes hurt, turn yight (light) on." and shakes his head again. So I go turn the hall light on and all is well so we can sing our bed time songs.

I get to Teach me to Walk in the Light and for some reason he thinks I said "Call Micah" (my brother) so he sits up in bed and says over and over "Call Micah, yets (lets) go!" Sorry kiddo its too late to call Micah. :O)

Two is such a fun age, so many new things every day. I love watching him learn. He has now learned to put his dirty dishes in the sink and does it with out being told. He drags his little red chair around turning on lights and putting things away. Such a big helper.

He saw a friend standing up going potty so now sometimes he says "I be like Copper (his friend) use big boy potty." And so he stands to pee, and does pretty good at it too.

Like I said everyday something new.

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Kirsti said...

When I read about Landon I feel like I'm reading about Carson! It's funny how 2 year olds have so much in common. There are pretty amazing little people! :)