Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The many faces of Braddoc!!!

I cant believe he is almost 3 months. Time flies so fast when they are this little. What a joy he is in our home! I love his big eyes and long eye lashes. I love his smile it is contagious, and I love how much he loves Landon. Landon gets him to smile so big, its so much fun to see how much they love each other.

He loves his bouncer, it has a little puppy on it and he just talks and talks and talks to it. We have heard the cutest little noises coming from him. He coes at it and laughes. This morning he spent 30 minutes in that talking, 30 minutes in the recliner with Landon talking, and 30 minutes laying on the floor talking to the ceiling, then fell asleep, such a good sweet baby.
He will also stick his tongue out at you if you stick yours out at him. :O) So fun!


Kirsti said...

I love the little chair you have him in, it's very cool!

Christina said...

He is too cute! It's so fun when there personalty starts to come out. :)

mikensi.jimmy said...

he is growing so fast! what a cute babe!