Thursday, November 13, 2008


I want bless you. -----> Means: I want a tissue!
I hurt, I sticker. ------> Means: I am faking a boo boo, I need a band aid.
Frogette.-----> Means: Frog Movie, watch it. (he makes up such good new words. :o) )

To wake us up in the morning. "HEY HEY I READY GET UP< MOMMY DADDY WHO HERE? I READY GET UP." (then he picks a name either mommy or daddy and uses that the rest of the time saying "You here? I ready get up, Hey mommy!")

He told me his leg was hurting earlier and he needed a kiss so I kissed his leg and then I told him I was hurting on my lips and needed a kiss. He looked at me for a minute and mad a sad face, "Hurting, yips?" and then he came over and gave me a bunch of little kisses (closed mouth kisses) and then a BIGGGONE!!! (an open mouth kisses, where he wraps his arms around your neck and pulls you too him.) "All better mommy? Nother one?" and then gives me another little kiss.

He found a pack of cars at the store the other day and wanted to buy it. We told him to wait for christmas and ask santa and maybe he would bring it. When Noah took it to put it back he cried so hard and said for the rest of the night "Daddy take way put back." (noah cried too, he wants to give him everything....)

"Kismas, Sant cause, maybe cars." (Ask santa for christmas maybe he will bring cars.) Thats all we hear now all day.

He makes his cars take naps. When we are going some where, the cars that are out have to take naps and he does that by laying them on their side.

He gets anything and everything and turns it into a camera. "SMILE" and pretends to take pictures.

After he goes potty. "I good job, I want chocolate."
Such funs times with this little man.


Boston Family said...

funny. I'm always translating for Blake as well. When you are around them all day you know exactly what each thing means...well, usually!

Kirsten and Jon said...

He is a HOOT! Just love him and all his Landonisms.

Kirsti said...

The world would be a pretty dull place without little people!

Dez said...

So sweet. What a cute little boy. Your kitchen is beautiful! I'm excited for you!

Jen said...

What a sweet baby. Don't you wish you could bottle that feeling forever?

Christina said...

Kids are too funny. One of the many reasons why I love my nursery calling. Landon is so sweet in my class. :) Love it!

jamiegilson said...

You're going to love having all those written down. There are so many cute things my kids have done or said that I wish I'd kept a journal of them cuz I knew I'd forget them. Keep it up. You're such a great mommy with the cutest little family.