Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gluten Free Bliss

For those of you who dont know, Noah and I both have a wheat (gluten) allergy. Its called Celiac Sprue and for the most part its really hard to find really good foods to go out to eat. About a week ago we discovered a Pizza Place that made gluten free pizzas. YEAH!!! Noahs favorite food is pizza and its been years since we have been able to go out to eat it, (I hate making it at home, it takes so long, so I only make it every few months). This pizza place was a little mom and pop type resturant and it was so YUMMY. We are going to have to make this trip often. I am so thrilled that more and more places are discovering that us gluten free people like to eat out too. :O)

Our store that we usually buy wheat free food in closed its doors.... so sad. So we had to find another one, and its about 15 minutes farther away then the other one which makes it almost an hour drive, too long. But they are like a Gluten Free wonderland. We found our regular, noodles, flours, cake mixes, and pretzels, but we also found, WAFERS, CRACKERS (cheese ones, my favorite, its so hard for me to not want to just scarf down Landons gold fish, I used to eat a whole box of cheese its by myself), Cookies, Cereals, Breakfast bars, and lots and lots more. I was in seventh heaven. Okay so to drive an hour to get food I have not eaten in years gluten free is not so bad I guess.


Tara and family said...

Wow, I thought you would have more options there. We have lots of great places to go shopping. Our trial is finding the gluten free w/o eggs and dairy, but we do find it. If you even come to visit up this way, let me know, I'll tell you all the good places to shop. :) have you see some of the websites that sell stuff? My friend gave me some of her favorites that have low shipping or none if you buy a ton. If you have a grill, I just made spelt flour pizzas I got from a recipe book, they were great, SUPER easy, and fun to make and cook on the grill.

Mike's World News said...

I'm not positive, but I believe Herbally Grounded at Decatur & Charleston sells quite a bit of Gluten free food.