Saturday, November 22, 2008

Get color!

We got a package of some food storage stuff I ordered in the mail today. (I have been big into ordering online lately.... who knows why, but its nice to not have to get out and then to get fun stuff in the mail) When I brought it in the house and set it down in the foyer Landon was so excited. I went to finish feeding Braddoc and then next thing I know Landon is climbing on a chair to get to the bucket of pens. I asked him what he was doing and he told me "I color!" "Okay we can color when mommys done feeding Braddoc." " Mommy, get color, box!" He reaches a pen (which is what color is to him) and goes over to the box. Okay so he is going to color on the box, nope! Wrong!!! "I open box color." If I cant find a pair of scissors I will sometimes use a pen to tear the tape on the boxes and open them, so thats what he was doing..... opening the box with the color. Toddler logic cracks me up.

He has also learned that if he pulls out drawers he can climb them to get onto the counter...... accident waiting to happen. Toddler boys are so crazy its scary, who knows what is to come, cant turn your back for a minute. I do have to say he is very resourceful though. He had a candy cane the other day and when he found another one he decided he wanted that one too. Noah took it from him and put it on the counter, a few minutes later he comes waltzing into the room with the candy cane in tow, happy as can be. "Noah where did you put the candy cane when you took it from Landon?" "On the counter, why?" "He has it now..... obviously that is no longer a good place to put things, its not out of his reach anymore." He can get his little chairs and get whatever he wants. He brings me popcorn, peanuts, goldfish, chips, basically anything he wants, and he brings me a bowl to put them in. I never had to toddler proof breakable things, but obviously I need to toddler proof the food now. He can also get into the fridge so when I am feeding Braddoc and he want milk, juice or water he gets it out and brings it to me. Guess in a way it makes my job easier. :O) He also gets into the yogurt, apples, carrots and grapes. I dont know how many times he walks into a room with an apple in his mouth or carrots in his hand, like its nothing to just go get his own food and eat it. At least its healthy. I guess I always knew this day would come, my baby is growing up so fast and eating me out of house and home.

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