Friday, November 21, 2008

Caught Red Handed!!!

I was taking Laundry upstairs and Landon walks out of my bedroom, (which is right at the top of the stairs) holding two chapsticks, he looks at me and before I have a chance to say anything he sticks his hand out and very seriously says "Dont yeba me, dont yeba me." (dont yell at me) He knew he should not have the chapstick. :O) I could not help but laugh and I told him "Im not going to yell at you, but you do need to put those away." So he turns around and puts them away..... what a goof.

I hardly ever yell at him, usually only when he is about to hurt himself and I am trying to stop him from doing whatever it was he was about to do. The yeba me started yesterday when he was about to pull a whole pile of clothes off the dresser and onto himself. I was cleaning out Braddocs closet and getting out all the clothes that dont fit him anymore and Braddoc was crying so I was holding him and trying to get everything done with my other hand. I kept telling Landon to stop and finally just raised my voice and said "Stop it right now!" He looked at me and said "Dont yeba me, I yub ew." (dont yell at me, I love you!) I mean come on who would not just want to hold that sweet baby..... silly kids!!! :O)


Boston Family said...

Too funny. He didn't get far with them. Blake would have ate the sticks in the corner some where. I'm glad you're a mommy that doesn't yell or spank but that would never work for Blake. You'll get to see my wild man in action and understand in near future though! :) We are still working on something so hopefully you can just stay with us for as long as you'd like!

Kirsti said...

I'm not a yeller either, but today I'm really struggling with Carson!! I feel like I we all need time-outs! :)