Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday!

I have never braved the early morning Black Friday sales, the earliest I have ever gone is 9 and I have NEVER dreamed of waiting in line for a store to open, that is until this year. Since Noah is taking his trip we decided we really needed a laptop. I have been oppossed to laptops for a long time. The last time I used one I really did not like it, now mind you that was almost 6 years ago and then the laptop I used while at my inlaws was not so bad, I just got really frustrated at the internet. I finally decided I was probably being a little primative in my feelings towards laptops since technology is getting more and more advanced, anyway back to my point. We have been looking online for laptops for a bit and are just really overwhelmed, Whats good? whats not? how much is too much to spend? ect. We had some friends of ours over for dinner one night and since he is a computer guru he and Noah sat down at his laptop and found the best computer for us and then the dreaded BLACK FRIDAY deals. (thanks Mike for all your help) Yesterday we got on the computer and tried to shop around the online Thanksgiving sales, but could not find the computer we wanted for nearly the price we found during the Black Friday sales ad at Best Buy.

So last night after the tree went up and the boys went to bed, Noah bundled himself up, took a chair and a pillow and headed over to Best Buy to wait in those crazy lines.... in the rain. My oh so silly husband left with no book, no dvd player, no food, no NOTHING, he almost made it out the door with out an umbrella before I realized what he was doing and sent him back in for one. So my poor husband sat there from about 9:30-3 waiting for his ticket to get our Laptop. He was about 30th in line and they were only giving out 15 tickets for this laptop, I hope a lot of those people up there are not here for the same thing. He finally gets his ticket at about 4ish and then waits till 5 when they open. Goes in and heads straight for what he came for and is the second person to check out. He said that it looked like nobody else even knew what they were looking for. Seriously? You came here around 8ish and sat there till 5 and you did not even have in mind what you wanted ahead of time? Maybe I am just the odd one here, but really? Is it that much fun to sit out in the rain for that long to get into a store just in case they have what you are looking for? Nothing against any of you out there who do that, I just think its crazy!!! I thought it was crazy for my husband to be out there, but we simply could not miss out on that deal. Now if he was going to go up there on the off chance that they just might have the computer we wanted on sale, I would call him crazy too. I understand places like walmart, target, kmart, ect. because they have a little of everything and you can really get your shopping done....but Best Buy, I mean really are you going to do all of you christmas shopping at Best Buy? Okay maybe so, wouldnt it be nice to have that sort of money..... but really I doubt all those people out there had that kind of money.... which really is whats wrong with our economy at the moment....but thats a whole nother issue that I will rant about at a later date. :O) (beat you cant wait) jk

Anyway that was our Black Friday adventure...... I wonder how many more of those we will have in the future? Since Noah did not get home till 6 I was not about to go do my 9 am Black Friday shopping because I did not want him to have to get up with the boys..... maybe next year. :O)

Hope the rest of you Black Friday crazies got what you were looking for. :O) Till next year!


Boston Family said...

I totally understand not wanting to dp the Black Friday thing. I've gone some in the past and I feel it is never worth it. I'm sorry but I'd rather pay more money for things to go later when it isn't so crazy... even if it's hundreds more. Just not that into it.
Glad Noah got the laptop he needed. :)

Kirsti said...

Yeah, I always worked in retail so I spent enough Black Friday's on the other side to make me never want to shop on the dreaded day. Aside from that the stores I worked at did have doorbusters that were great, but the overall sale was always better the week before or the week after. Congrats on the new laptop!

4 Nuts In A Basket said...

I did the black friday thing, but only at JoAnn Fabrics. Theie flannel was 1.49 a yard, so I was excited about that because I make kid blankets for the foster system... 3 dollar blankets!! I love it!!! but I also bought Spencer a laptop yesterday, only I special ordered it through dell on line, so no people to deal with there!!! Glad you got what you needed, though!!!

Mike's World News said...

Black Friday is fun, but I don't know if I'm dedicated enough to camp out!! Congrats on the new laptop. If you need any help setting it up, let me know.