Sunday, November 30, 2008

Busy few days!

We always set up the tree on Thanksgiving and then that weekend we will decorate it. We also try and go out in the evening on Black Friday to get the day long deals when its not at all busy. So needless to say the last few days have been busy.
I dont know if you can see it in this picture but my brother Micah gave Landon a train last year for christmas and all day yesterday Landon was begging us to put up his "thomas train." (its not really thomas but to Landon all trains are thomas) When we finally got the tree decorated we sat down to drink cocoa (hot cider for me, no chocolate while breast feeding:O( its so tough) anyway when we were sitting down Landon kept trying to take our mugs because he was so ready to put up the train. He love to watch it go round and round. When you ask him to smile this is his smile. I was trying to get a picture of him decorating his spot. He put all the ornaments we gave him in one spot.

He loves this santa. It sings Santa Claus is coming to Town and dances. He plays it all day long!! maybe it will run out of batteries....then again he knows how to change batteries, or at least when they have run out and tells me to "get screw driver, change batteries."

My sweetest little man!!!!
My little reindeer

Ho ho ho Merry Christmas!!! Landon has been saying it like Santa Clause. Its pretty cute

Braddoc loves to lay under the tree and look up at the lights. (not so easy now that the train is under there....oh well!)

My Black Friday must have!! Fleece on sale from 5.99 to 1.49, cant pass that up. I was in seventh heaven. I went at 7:30 at night and still had plenty to chose from. It was wonderful, still a little busy but heck cant miss out on that great deal. I cant wait to make some baby blankets. A friend of mine made me one for Braddoc and its the only one I use, so Its hard when its time to wash it, now I am just going to make a bunch and have them when I need them, and of course there was the cutest little girl fabric so Ill make some of those to give to friends. :O)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday!

I have never braved the early morning Black Friday sales, the earliest I have ever gone is 9 and I have NEVER dreamed of waiting in line for a store to open, that is until this year. Since Noah is taking his trip we decided we really needed a laptop. I have been oppossed to laptops for a long time. The last time I used one I really did not like it, now mind you that was almost 6 years ago and then the laptop I used while at my inlaws was not so bad, I just got really frustrated at the internet. I finally decided I was probably being a little primative in my feelings towards laptops since technology is getting more and more advanced, anyway back to my point. We have been looking online for laptops for a bit and are just really overwhelmed, Whats good? whats not? how much is too much to spend? ect. We had some friends of ours over for dinner one night and since he is a computer guru he and Noah sat down at his laptop and found the best computer for us and then the dreaded BLACK FRIDAY deals. (thanks Mike for all your help) Yesterday we got on the computer and tried to shop around the online Thanksgiving sales, but could not find the computer we wanted for nearly the price we found during the Black Friday sales ad at Best Buy.

So last night after the tree went up and the boys went to bed, Noah bundled himself up, took a chair and a pillow and headed over to Best Buy to wait in those crazy lines.... in the rain. My oh so silly husband left with no book, no dvd player, no food, no NOTHING, he almost made it out the door with out an umbrella before I realized what he was doing and sent him back in for one. So my poor husband sat there from about 9:30-3 waiting for his ticket to get our Laptop. He was about 30th in line and they were only giving out 15 tickets for this laptop, I hope a lot of those people up there are not here for the same thing. He finally gets his ticket at about 4ish and then waits till 5 when they open. Goes in and heads straight for what he came for and is the second person to check out. He said that it looked like nobody else even knew what they were looking for. Seriously? You came here around 8ish and sat there till 5 and you did not even have in mind what you wanted ahead of time? Maybe I am just the odd one here, but really? Is it that much fun to sit out in the rain for that long to get into a store just in case they have what you are looking for? Nothing against any of you out there who do that, I just think its crazy!!! I thought it was crazy for my husband to be out there, but we simply could not miss out on that deal. Now if he was going to go up there on the off chance that they just might have the computer we wanted on sale, I would call him crazy too. I understand places like walmart, target, kmart, ect. because they have a little of everything and you can really get your shopping done....but Best Buy, I mean really are you going to do all of you christmas shopping at Best Buy? Okay maybe so, wouldnt it be nice to have that sort of money..... but really I doubt all those people out there had that kind of money.... which really is whats wrong with our economy at the moment....but thats a whole nother issue that I will rant about at a later date. :O) (beat you cant wait) jk

Anyway that was our Black Friday adventure...... I wonder how many more of those we will have in the future? Since Noah did not get home till 6 I was not about to go do my 9 am Black Friday shopping because I did not want him to have to get up with the boys..... maybe next year. :O)

Hope the rest of you Black Friday crazies got what you were looking for. :O) Till next year!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It is beginning

I have been worried for a bit about temples losing tax exempt status because they only allow members in good standing with recommends in the door. Because they dont allow anybody to come and worship in the temple they can lose their tax exempt status. The Preston England temple has had just that happen to them. I cant believe that this is actually happening. I wonder how long its going to be before this starts happening all over the world. I hope that this does not continue to happen but in light of recent elections and events, I am not sure how long its going to be before it really is happening everywhere. Click here to read more about it.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Live, laugh and love everyday! Always having joy!

I have been thinking alot lately about finding joy in life. Each day I am overwhelmed with the simple pleasures in life. I have been finding myself getting more and more distressed over silly things instead of finding the joy in everything. I have noticed that this has been making me not such a great wife or friend at times. The lesson in Relief Society today was on finding joy, laughing at all lifes moments and having faith. It was really a lesson I needed to be reminded of. I have not had the easiest life but I have normally been very good at being optimistic, finding the good in everything and being pretty easy going. I dont know what it has been that has gotten me so out of sorts lately but I have slowly been realizing that I am not as truly happy as I used to be.

I once read a story about a couple who went on a long road trip. They got home from their trip late at night and were too tired to unload their car, so they decided that it could wait until the morning. When they awoke the next day they had a very unpleasant surprise, their car had been stolen. Everything was in their car, DVD player, cds, family pictures, clothes, movies, toys, and many other things that would be missed. After staring at the spot where their car was supposed to be for about 2-3 minutes the husband broke out into hysterical laughter, he laughed so hard his sides hurt. The wife looked at him in disbelief, "What is wrong with you? We have just lots so many things, do you realize what this is going to do to us?" Her husband stopped laughing and looked at his wife, he took a deep breath, got very serious and responded, "No matter what we do, nothing will change what happened. We can however control how we react to it. We can be happy and laugh at this now, because we will years down the road anyway, or we can be upset and bitter and dwell on the bad, either way our car is still gone, and to tell you the truth, I'd rather be happy."

I used to be like the husband and just laugh at all the crazy moments life threw my way. Having a cheery disposition was really the only way I was able to get through my days. Somewhere along the way however I have begun to be more like the wife and dwell on the bad. My mind is constantly racing thinking about all the things I have to do, the things I have to fix and the things that really just stress me out. I don't want to be that person anymore, I miss laughing till my sides hurt and I really hate stressing out. So during Relief Society today I decided that I don't want to be that person anymore. I am not going to think of the million and one reasons to be upset but think about the million and one reasons to rejoice. No one can control weither I am happy or not, I am in charge of that. I am in charge of my life and I am the only person who can decide if I am going to let life pile bricks on me or if I am going to let it pile flowers on me. No matter who we are or what we do, crazy things still happen, we don't have control over that, but we do have control over how we let those things effect our life. Are we going to laugh at life's crazy moments or are we going to get bogged down in all the what ifs? why me's? what now's? and let our minds race on all the things we have to do to fix whatever wrong has been done?

I am reminded of a talk from last conference about laughing at all lifes moments. It was a talk by Joseph B. Wirthlin "Come what may, and love it." Whenever we get lost or traffic is driving me insane I think about a story he told about his family getting lost and about how many hours it took out of a family trip. I remember him talking about laughing about it, therefor creating a cherished memory for him. He said something that has really stuck with me and something I hope to be able to truly apply in my life, "The next time you’re tempted to groan, you might try to laugh instead. It will extend your life and make the lives of all those around you more enjoyable."

This time of year makes me think about all the good that is still in this world. The news, the media, magazines, books, TV shows and movies don't tell you about the great things that are happening all around, they dwell on the bad. I have found that there is usually really good things happening right along side the really bad. During the riots at the LA temple recently the media broadcasted the protesters and the fact that there we lots of people "trapped" inside the temple unable to get out because of all the riots. What they did not broadcast (know) however was the fact that thousands of ordinances were preformed that day in the temple, hundreds of sealings, baptisms and initiatories. The people that were "trapped" inside the temple, were not overwhelmed by what was happening outside the walls of the temple. They spent those hours instead doing temple work and enjoying their many hours inside those sacred walls. The good was happening despite the bad that was going on.

All I hear about on the news lately is the crime and how bad our economy is, however something happened a few weeks ago that told me there are still good, loving people out there, full of hope. The youth from my ward went around to members of our ward's homes collecting food for families in need this holiday season. It was a scavenger hunt and each team was awarded points for certain foods. In the end the points would be add and prizes given. They were short a driver so my husband and his group went to the neighborhood across the street from the chapel. They went door to door, to non members homes, telling them what they were doing and taking donations. Their team came in 3rd out of 7. These nonmember people that had no idea who our youth were or who their food would be going to donated so much food that this team beat out 4 other teams who went to members homes. That pure love made my heart swell.

There truly is beauty and joy to be found all around. There are great moments to be had everyday. It does not have to be earth shattering. It does not have to be monumental to the world, but it can still be monumental you. Now is the time to find joy, to rejoice in the many blessing we receive each day, whether it be a ray of light flickering through the clouds, or the smell of fresh cut grass. The world makes the evil so prevalent in our lives that it is up to us to make the good even more prevalent. Now is the time to laugh at life's crazy, unexpected moments. We are here to have joy and I know that I am ready to be that person again. I am ready to just laugh, no strings attached, and not worry about whats to come but just enjoy what is, no matter what! To have faith that our Father in Heaven knows what is going on in our lives and to truly turn them over to him.

I am reminded of the scripture Helaman 13: 29 "O ye wicked and ye perverse generation; ye hardened and ye stiffnecked people, how long will ye suppose that the Lord will suffer you? Yea, how long will ye suffer yourselves to be led by foolish and blind guides? Yea, how long will ye choose darkness rather than light?" I know that talks about chosing wickedness over goodness but I think it also talks about how we chose to see life. Do we see all the wicked all around and blame the Lord? Do we let these things consume our lives? Do we get bogged down in the wicked and foolish things that are happening all around us? We dont have to be out there doing wicked to let it consume our lives. If we are focusing on the bad then we are letting it consume us. Are we chosing to see the darkness all around or are we truly seeing the light? No matter how good we are if we are letting the darkness that is all around us be all that we see then we are not letting the light of Christ and his goodness be the main focus in our lives. The choice is yours, relish in the light or wallow in the darkness?

Everyday Landon breaks out in obnoxious laughter over nothing. He falls off of chairs, hits his head, breaks a toy, drops his food, and just laughs. When I watch him I think about being as little children. Mosiah 3:19 ".....become as a child, submissive, meek, humble, patient, full of love, willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon him, even as a child doth submit to his father." The world is not coming down on Landon. The things that happen to him do not destroy him, he does not see the world as hopeless. He laughs away his pain, he enjoys what he does have and loves fully. If I yell up the stairs at Noah, Landon tells me "Dont yelb, be nice!" So simple! So pure! I think that we are all to be like that. To laugh at whatever life throws us, to get on our knees when it feels like the world can't push us down any more and when we arise, arise with the strength of angels and with the laughter and love of a child.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Necklace Giveaway

A friend of mine makes wonderfully beautiful jewelry. She is having a giveaway contest where she is offering a very cute holiday necklace called Joy (click there to see her contest). If you leave a comment by the 29th then you have a shot to win. Look at her other jewerly too, it would make a wonderful holiday gift. You can get your kids names put on necklaces too, those are my favorite ones. Anyway enjoy!!!!!

Get color!

We got a package of some food storage stuff I ordered in the mail today. (I have been big into ordering online lately.... who knows why, but its nice to not have to get out and then to get fun stuff in the mail) When I brought it in the house and set it down in the foyer Landon was so excited. I went to finish feeding Braddoc and then next thing I know Landon is climbing on a chair to get to the bucket of pens. I asked him what he was doing and he told me "I color!" "Okay we can color when mommys done feeding Braddoc." " Mommy, get color, box!" He reaches a pen (which is what color is to him) and goes over to the box. Okay so he is going to color on the box, nope! Wrong!!! "I open box color." If I cant find a pair of scissors I will sometimes use a pen to tear the tape on the boxes and open them, so thats what he was doing..... opening the box with the color. Toddler logic cracks me up.

He has also learned that if he pulls out drawers he can climb them to get onto the counter...... accident waiting to happen. Toddler boys are so crazy its scary, who knows what is to come, cant turn your back for a minute. I do have to say he is very resourceful though. He had a candy cane the other day and when he found another one he decided he wanted that one too. Noah took it from him and put it on the counter, a few minutes later he comes waltzing into the room with the candy cane in tow, happy as can be. "Noah where did you put the candy cane when you took it from Landon?" "On the counter, why?" "He has it now..... obviously that is no longer a good place to put things, its not out of his reach anymore." He can get his little chairs and get whatever he wants. He brings me popcorn, peanuts, goldfish, chips, basically anything he wants, and he brings me a bowl to put them in. I never had to toddler proof breakable things, but obviously I need to toddler proof the food now. He can also get into the fridge so when I am feeding Braddoc and he want milk, juice or water he gets it out and brings it to me. Guess in a way it makes my job easier. :O) He also gets into the yogurt, apples, carrots and grapes. I dont know how many times he walks into a room with an apple in his mouth or carrots in his hand, like its nothing to just go get his own food and eat it. At least its healthy. I guess I always knew this day would come, my baby is growing up so fast and eating me out of house and home.

Oh mommy sweetheart

I have been battling kidney stones for about a week now and yesterday evening I think it reach maximum pain scale (at least I hope it was the worst it will get) and so I asked Noah for a blessing. We told Landon to fold his arms and he sat across the room looking at me. Noah put his hands on my head and began the prayer, very quickly I felt two more little hands on the side of my head. I peeked over to see Landon standing there with his eyes closed very tight, a huge smile on his face and his hands one on top of the other reached as high as his little body could reach resting on the side of my head. It was so precious and special. It just made me realize even more what a strong thing the priesthood is, I cant wait till my little men have that same power and authority bestowed upon them, it is truly a remarkable thing.

The title of post is what Landon has been calling me lately. After the blessing last night he look at me and saying "Mommy, sweetheart, feel better?" It is precious, its nice to be such a cute guys sweetheart. :O)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Caught Red Handed!!!

I was taking Laundry upstairs and Landon walks out of my bedroom, (which is right at the top of the stairs) holding two chapsticks, he looks at me and before I have a chance to say anything he sticks his hand out and very seriously says "Dont yeba me, dont yeba me." (dont yell at me) He knew he should not have the chapstick. :O) I could not help but laugh and I told him "Im not going to yell at you, but you do need to put those away." So he turns around and puts them away..... what a goof.

I hardly ever yell at him, usually only when he is about to hurt himself and I am trying to stop him from doing whatever it was he was about to do. The yeba me started yesterday when he was about to pull a whole pile of clothes off the dresser and onto himself. I was cleaning out Braddocs closet and getting out all the clothes that dont fit him anymore and Braddoc was crying so I was holding him and trying to get everything done with my other hand. I kept telling Landon to stop and finally just raised my voice and said "Stop it right now!" He looked at me and said "Dont yeba me, I yub ew." (dont yell at me, I love you!) I mean come on who would not just want to hold that sweet baby..... silly kids!!! :O)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My biggest fear.....well sort of!

I went into Landons room to get him up from his nap (you know the one they dont actually take that day, they just play in their bed for 2 1/2 hours), I usually go in and tell him to lay down and eventually he will fall asleep, but not this time. I walk in and immediately he says "I pee pee." My eyes are drawn to his shorts across the room on the floor, the package of wipes on the floor by his bed, his diaper (that is of course no longer on him) on he floor with several used wipes laying right next to it....... "WHAT????" He stands up, totally pantless and shows me the big huge wet spot of pee right in the middle of his bed. I tried so hard not to laugh, why was this so funny? Probably because I have been expecting this day for a long long time. Since he is basically potty trained now and only sleeps with his diapers on I figured the day would come when he had enough of that too...... all I can say is I am glad it was not poo, and at least he is smart enough to wipe himself!

Now on the poo note..... Landon is finally putting that in the potty too. He tells us about 5 times and sits there about 5 times over the spane of 15 minutes before he finally goes, but at least its in the potty. No more yucky underwear to clean..... that always seems to happen while daddy is at work and I am feeding Braddoc...... ahhhhhh!!! Heres to that being over till Braddocs ready....


So several people have asked Why we are buying a house. First of all the market is so great here right now that we feel like its a great time to buy and a great investment. We would love to move and this is defenitely not the place we want to stay and raise our family, but we are pretty sure we will still be here for about 3 more years. I would love to say that we are going to be able to move when Noahs tour is over but I dont think thats going to happen. We figured we might as well get into a house that we like and enjoy and one that when its time to sell we can hopefully make some money off of it. I hate renting and feeling like I am throwing money away and with the market the way it is here, I dont think it will get much lower, and by the time we leave it should be back up so we will at least break even and its a home we can call our own and do with what we like.

Its very stressful though because we dont want to leave our ward and we are having a hard time finding anything that is in forclosure and not a short sale (which would take forever) and anything we find and like and inquire about has just sold or had an offer made. We keep thinking if we had made this decision two weeks ago we could be in our own home already. We have found 2 we LOVE and both have offers on them the very next day..... :o( I know that whatever happens is supposed to happen. If we are meant to get a house we will find the one we love and it will all work out. Its just hard with Noah not going to be around for a long time to play the hurry up and wait game and then to not know if we should put up christmas stuff of wait a little bit longer to see..... just stressful, but for good reasons.

Dont get me wrong we have a nice house on base but to think that we could be living somewhere with more bedrooms, 1000 more sq ft, a family room, a den and BIG kitchen for the same price if not less then what we are paying now and to know that it is OUR house..... I just think we should really jump on this opportunity before its gone.

Anyway wish us luck or rather wish me luck on keeping my sanity.... :O)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Call me Crazy

We just moved 3 months ago onto another house on base and now we are house hunting to buy our first home. We are totally thrilled and after out weighing the pros and cons we feel like this is the best thing for us and with the way the market is right now we feel we should really jump on this. We have found a house we really like and hope that they will take an offer if every thing looks good on our end, we are going to keep looking and see if there is anything better but its really all we have wanted in a house, I just dont want to jump on one of the first ones we see. Anyway......

Totally excited!! Since we only want a house in our ward our feild is rather limited but we dont have to move tommorow so we have time to find a house...... the house we love!!! So moving again soon is crazy but I think it will be so worth it.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I want bless you. -----> Means: I want a tissue!
I hurt, I sticker. ------> Means: I am faking a boo boo, I need a band aid.
Frogette.-----> Means: Frog Movie, watch it. (he makes up such good new words. :o) )

To wake us up in the morning. "HEY HEY I READY GET UP< MOMMY DADDY WHO HERE? I READY GET UP." (then he picks a name either mommy or daddy and uses that the rest of the time saying "You here? I ready get up, Hey mommy!")

He told me his leg was hurting earlier and he needed a kiss so I kissed his leg and then I told him I was hurting on my lips and needed a kiss. He looked at me for a minute and mad a sad face, "Hurting, yips?" and then he came over and gave me a bunch of little kisses (closed mouth kisses) and then a BIGGGONE!!! (an open mouth kisses, where he wraps his arms around your neck and pulls you too him.) "All better mommy? Nother one?" and then gives me another little kiss.

He found a pack of cars at the store the other day and wanted to buy it. We told him to wait for christmas and ask santa and maybe he would bring it. When Noah took it to put it back he cried so hard and said for the rest of the night "Daddy take way put back." (noah cried too, he wants to give him everything....)

"Kismas, Sant cause, maybe cars." (Ask santa for christmas maybe he will bring cars.) Thats all we hear now all day.

He makes his cars take naps. When we are going some where, the cars that are out have to take naps and he does that by laying them on their side.

He gets anything and everything and turns it into a camera. "SMILE" and pretends to take pictures.

After he goes potty. "I good job, I want chocolate."
Such funs times with this little man.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


We moved about 2 1/2 months ago but since I had just had a baby I have been slow in getting rooms set up. I told a friend I would post pics as I had rooms ready and finished.... so here is the kitchen. I wish I had more rooms but we are slowly buying up the things we need for each room to make to more cozy and I am still trying to get pics on the wall wish me luck.

Anyway here is the kitchen, go figure its the only room really done, not a whole lot needed in this room. I do wish it was bigger and that we had more cabinets, we do have a pantry and a spare storage room so that helps with places for the food but still not a lot of cabinets for other stuff and we only have 6 drawers and they are soooo skinny they dont fit much. But its a new house and better then the last so I can complain too much. At least its free!!! :O)

One toddlers Journey through snacks!

I just love the little snack remains I find all over the house...... he loves to eat and could eat 24-7 if I let him. I find remains all over the place, and he gets mad because the dog tries to eat them.... well dont leave them laying around kiddo..... Anybody else find little snack treasure laying around? :O)

Who knew reading could be so much fun?

Note: Noahs camera work....he says its my fault because I have not taught him to use the camera.... always an excuse... or is it a reason. :O)

On the move

Start: Finish:

My best friend

Braddoc loves his hands. He loves to suck on them and will hold them together in front of his face and just stare at them, trying to figure out every each of them.... or more then likely "What the heck are these things for?" Its so cute to watch. Landon loved his hands too and still does. If he is scared he wants you to hold his hand and he will bit and suck on his hands and fingers (never the thumb though, silly kid) .... an annoying habit we are trying to break. So Braddoc enjoy them for now.... but please dont still chew on them when you are two.

Licking his hand....little kitty cat.

Growing like a weed

So Braddoc has been peeing out his diapers at least 3 times a day. I have to change him all the time and almost every time I feed him I get the little warm sensation on my tummy from where he has left me a wonderful present. We thought we needed to change the brand we were using but wondered if he just needed a bigger size. He is barely 12 pnds which is usually what the size 2 diapers start at. I had a pack of size 2 in the closet so we thought we would just try for a day and see. NO MORE PEEING OUT!! Yeah so I guess my little man is not so little anymore, I cant believe how fast he is growing....

Side note, I never understood that expression "Growing like a weed." I know they grow fast, but arent weeds annoying... as much as it makes me sad that my baby is growing so big, I am thrilled at the same time because each day he does something new and he is such a joy.... so maybe he is growing like a flower.... :O)

Gluten Free Bliss

For those of you who dont know, Noah and I both have a wheat (gluten) allergy. Its called Celiac Sprue and for the most part its really hard to find really good foods to go out to eat. About a week ago we discovered a Pizza Place that made gluten free pizzas. YEAH!!! Noahs favorite food is pizza and its been years since we have been able to go out to eat it, (I hate making it at home, it takes so long, so I only make it every few months). This pizza place was a little mom and pop type resturant and it was so YUMMY. We are going to have to make this trip often. I am so thrilled that more and more places are discovering that us gluten free people like to eat out too. :O)

Our store that we usually buy wheat free food in closed its doors.... so sad. So we had to find another one, and its about 15 minutes farther away then the other one which makes it almost an hour drive, too long. But they are like a Gluten Free wonderland. We found our regular, noodles, flours, cake mixes, and pretzels, but we also found, WAFERS, CRACKERS (cheese ones, my favorite, its so hard for me to not want to just scarf down Landons gold fish, I used to eat a whole box of cheese its by myself), Cookies, Cereals, Breakfast bars, and lots and lots more. I was in seventh heaven. Okay so to drive an hour to get food I have not eaten in years gluten free is not so bad I guess.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

I dont wanna grow up.....

Landon loved this bumbo as a baby..... and I loved it as a mommy! Now Braddoc loves it and Landon has had a hard time letting it go. He was fine with Braddoc sitting in it till he realized what "it" was. After he realized that baby brother was sitting in "his" beloved bumbo the water works began.
When Braddoc had enough of the seat and wanted me to hold him, Landon moved in and took his treasure back. I suppose he thinks he is never too big, his skinny little bum still fits in it so I guess he is right, he is not too big.

True to his form Landon waits till the toy or chair is abandoned and then he steals it away. He usually does the same things with toys, he waits till the unsuspecting party sets the toy down and he jumps in and claims it. Sometimes we have the two year old fights with the toys, especially if its one of his CARS cars, but usually he just waits till the toy is set aside. Such a silly, patient boy. (and interestingly enough Patient was one of his first 20 words.)

Tear Stained

Landon had been throwing a fit because his baby brother was in the Bumbo and he thought it was his!!! I saw this and thought it was a perfect picture. The calm after the storm and the last remaining tears.

Our new addition

For those of you who dont know, my husband is a convert, he was baptized the day after we got married. (busy two days) He left for basic training about 8 months later and got back just in time for me to have Landon so a few months after that, after being married for a year and a half we were able to go to the temple and be sealed for time and all eternity. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to get married in the Manti temple, we live really close to there but when we went we had a 3 month old baby so it was not really easy for us to go there. We got sealed instead at the Vegas temple. It was a beautiful day, and an amazing experience, words can not describe, and that night for the first time since having Landon I was able to sleep well knowing that if I took care of him and did all I was sent here to do that I would be able to be with him for time and all eternity, as well as be with Noah forever.

We went to Costco a few months ago and saw these beautiful pictures of the temples. We were so excited to find these and new that they would make a perfect addition to our home. We bought the Manti temple because it will always hold a special place in my heart and I think it is beautiful. We then ordered the Vegas temple with our name on it and the date we were sealed. We just got it in the mail a few days ago and I am so excited, I love them.
Beautiful aren't they?

Cant wait till he learns to vaccum.

We have a movie night with Landon once a week where we lay a palette on the floor and eat popcorn. Here is the after math of those fun night. Did he even get any in his mouth?


So when Braddoc loses his binkie he does not cry, he just stares at it, willing it back into his mouth. He tries to move whatever area of his body that it fell on and push it back into his mouth. He tries to grab it with his hand but he can figure out how to get the hand to meet the binkie, so he just stares some more. Its very cute to watch his determination. Good luck baby boy!

Your friendly 4 am wake up call

This is what I woke up to Wednesday morning at 4 am. ALL of our Fire Alarms going off. I panic jump out of bed and start running around the house trying to find the "fire". No fire anywhere!!! Still panicking because they are all still going off and we have one in all the bedrooms, so far both boys are still asleep, I dont know how, its loud enough to wake the dead. Noah is at work and has the car and I have no idea what to do. I call him at work, no answer. The alarms are still going off and I start to wonder if there is a fire in our neighbors house who we are connected too, so I go peek out the front door, no sign of a fire. I get out the stool to try and get the alarms down and even on the stool I can not reach them, can barely prey out the batteries, which only makes it stop blaring at me and start beeping at me. I call Noah again, still no answer. Now Braddoc wakes up (first time the whole night, makes me wonder "Would he have made it the whole night if it weren't for this?") So I am trying to call down his cries so the combo of that and the alarms dont wake Landon. Noah finally calls back and is no help at all. I call maintenance and they say it will be a few hours. "WHAT? Its 4:30 and I have 6 alarms going off and kids trying to sleep." Finally he tells me that he will try his boss and call me back. Then Noahs walks through the door, Thank goodness. He came home long enough to get the beeping to stop and take down the ones that would not stop. YEAH!!!! Well the next day the rest of them go off again.... oh what fun! Luckily Noah was home and got them all down. It was just the batteries! Figures they would all go out at once. But it was weird, usually it just beeps every few minutes annoyingly "CHANGE ME!!!" this time however they actually went off non stop. Crazy!!! Not my idea of a nice wake up call, but it did get me out of bed and wake me right up!!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Re send emails!!! SORRY!!!

For any of you who sent me an email with your address. THANKS!!! However my inbox is being really crazy and deleted everything when I opened it. If you could shoot me another one hopefully this time it wont be so crazy. Hotmail redid the inboxes and every time they do that my inbox goes crazy. Sorry for the inconvience! I really appriciate it.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Send me an email!

I have some weird people posting anonymously to my blog and so I am going to block the blog. Send me an email at if you still want to read the blog. Thanks, Sorry about this, kind of creepy!!!

My eyes hurt!

Normally when I tuck Landon into his bed the hall light is on. Well tonight when I layed him down after turning his light out the hall light was not on and so it was very dark in there. So the two year old logic says "Ow my eyes hurt, my eyes hurt." He starts rubbing them and then shaking his head as fast as he can, when he stops, he tries to adjust his eyes, then says it again, "Ow my eyes hurt, turn yight (light) on." and shakes his head again. So I go turn the hall light on and all is well so we can sing our bed time songs.

I get to Teach me to Walk in the Light and for some reason he thinks I said "Call Micah" (my brother) so he sits up in bed and says over and over "Call Micah, yets (lets) go!" Sorry kiddo its too late to call Micah. :O)

Two is such a fun age, so many new things every day. I love watching him learn. He has now learned to put his dirty dishes in the sink and does it with out being told. He drags his little red chair around turning on lights and putting things away. Such a big helper.

He saw a friend standing up going potty so now sometimes he says "I be like Copper (his friend) use big boy potty." And so he stands to pee, and does pretty good at it too.

Like I said everyday something new.

The many faces of Braddoc!!!

I cant believe he is almost 3 months. Time flies so fast when they are this little. What a joy he is in our home! I love his big eyes and long eye lashes. I love his smile it is contagious, and I love how much he loves Landon. Landon gets him to smile so big, its so much fun to see how much they love each other.

He loves his bouncer, it has a little puppy on it and he just talks and talks and talks to it. We have heard the cutest little noises coming from him. He coes at it and laughes. This morning he spent 30 minutes in that talking, 30 minutes in the recliner with Landon talking, and 30 minutes laying on the floor talking to the ceiling, then fell asleep, such a good sweet baby.
He will also stick his tongue out at you if you stick yours out at him. :O) So fun!