Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Whats in a name?

So the only time we had heard Braddocs name was from the True Story of James J Braddock (Cinderella Man). Until now! Since he has been born and we have been telling people his name we have found out a few more "famous" people with that name.

Sunday night on Desperate Housewives they had a new character named Jackson Braddock. We thought it was awesome and it took us aback when we heard it.

Chuck Norris's Character in his movies last name is Braddock.

And the funniest one (not really) The name of the character in THE GRADUATE is Benjamin Braddock..... so guess our new sons name is more common then we thought....as a last name that is. :O)

So there is that fun!!! Here are some pictures.


Boston Family said...

I love the pic with both the boys in the bath tub.

Amanda XOX said...

They're starting to look similar to one another. I love those big eyes and all those pictures!! Those were great pics!!

kAt said...

What cute boys you have. How's the new place? I'm sure your just loving it. Take care girl. Hope to see you soon.