Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Standing for whats right! Vote Yes on Prop 8!

So being called into the bishops office to be asked to call people in California to encourage them to vote yes on Prop 8 really got me thinking and realizing how serious this is. If the first presidency is encouraging us to do our part in making sure this ballot gets a yes vote then I will do what can. (read about the LDS churches part here:,5143,700264880,00.html )

I cannot believe that this is even an issue in our society. Why now? Why are the fundamentals of our society being questioned and changed? There are so many points to support voting yes on this ballot, I could go on for days and days and after reading many friends posts on this issue Im sure we could all go on for days and days.

The points that Noah and I have been discussing are being stated by many other people. In the beginning God created Man and when he saw that he was alone, he created woman to be his companion and help mate. The first family was man and woman. Marriage is about a man and a woman, creating a family. We are genetically created to reproduce as a man and a woman. God did not create us to be man and man or woman and woman. Our genetic make up is a very bold point that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

If you change the basic make up of marriage, the way our society has been from the very beginning then you are changing everything we are built upon. If you change the definition of marriage to allow same sex couples then you have to change it for everyone, allowing polygamists to legally have more then one wife or more then one husband as well. If you start twisting and changing the laws and ordinances that this country was built upon the question has to be raised, When is enough enough?

Love the sinner hate the sin. Do I hate couples who want same sex marriage? NO! Do I disagree with what they are doing and think that it is socially and morally wrong? Yes! I think that we all have urges to do things that we maybe should not do. Sometimes I want to run a red light because no one is coming and Im ready to get home. Sometimes I want to go crazy and spend all of our savings on a shopping spree. We all have urges to do things that are not always right or the best, does this make them okay? No! If you have the urge, the desire to be with someone of the same sex it still does not make it right. Marriage is ordained of God, to be between a man and a women, it is a sacred act only to be taken on by a man and a woman.

If we allow same sex marriage then we are condoning same sex marriage. We are saying that its okay to teach our children that liking another little boy or another little girl is okay because society says it is. Its teaching our children that its okay to act upon unbridled urges. Its the combining of church and state, something that so many have been fighting to separate. If you can't teach my child about god in schools then you should not be allowed to teach them about same sex marriages in school like they are doing in Massachusetts. If California allows same sex marriage then the rest of the nation will. Everyone will have to condone it whether they like it or agree with it or not. Bishops will have to marry any same sex couple who comes to him and requests it, whether he agrees with it or not. Shouldn't that be his decision not the government? Where do you draw the line on allowing freedom of speech? If you are going to tell him that whether or not he believes in same sex marriage does not matter, that he has to marry them anyway, aren't you taking away his rights? Where will it end? Eventually the rights and laws of marriage will blur and become grey and the sanctity of it will be lost. If you can sue someone because they refuse to marry you, then will marriage eventually become null and void? If bishops, pastors, preachers, rabbi's are getting sued because they refuse to marry same sex couples, because it is against their beliefs, then will there be anyone out there who will still be able to marry you after all these others are stripped of their rights through the court process?

The sanctity of marriage is being lost, its being twisted and manipulated. If you live in California and have the opportunity to stop this decline and vicious cycle from continuing please VOTE YES on Prop 8.

The following is a very educational video. Please watch!!!!

This will also affect adoptions and other religious organizations. It will make it to were adoption agencies have to allow gay couples to adopt children whether they agree with it our not. Again you are giving this gay couple rights and taking the rights to decide and have our freedom of speech away from the rest of us who do not agree with or condon same sex marriage. Allowing them this right is taking away so many other rights from the rest of the world and from so many organizations. This is terrifing to me that we have even gotten to this point but even more terrifing to me what the reprocutions of allowing same sex marriages would be. For more information on Prop 8 and Adoptions please visit:

"Expanding the definition of marriage by including homosexualrelationships adds to the continued disregard for marriage’s ultimatepurpose. Where it has been legalized, same-sex marriage decreasesthe total number of marriages while increasing illegitimacy. NineEuropean nations have had same-sex marriage since the early 90’s—and just 2 percent of same-sex couples in these countries ever marry,while there has been 46 percent increase in out-of-wedlock births."


Christina said...

Unreal stuff I know! These are the days we need to be involved to protect our home, families and what we believe in. We can just sit idly by and hope that thing will go our way, we need to act.

jamiegilson said...

Aurie, I love it. When I first watched the video and realized I couldn't vote on it because I'm not a CA state resident, I didn't know what to do. Blogging gets to so many people. Thank you for passing the word. I wish you luck with your phone calls.

emily said...

awesome post!

vote yes on prop 8

Trevor and Tara said...

Hey Aurie! I have a question that is totally off subject but do you know a Jen who lives in Idaho and has three kids. She left me a comment on my blog and she said she found me from your blog. For the life of me I can not figure out who this is, it is driving me crazy. Let me know!