Thursday, October 23, 2008

The other woman!

The other woman in my sons life. :O) Did not think I would have to compete with another girl so early. I thought I had years till I had to worry about this. :O) j/k They have so much fun together. I enjoy watching them. This night however they were in a hitting mood. Landon took it the first few times that Ila hit him but after about an hour he had enough so if she hit him he hit back. I dont like the hitting but Im glad that they dont take it to heart. They are so silly and love each other so much. I am greatful that he has such a wonderful friend. For dinner that night Ila ate all the noodles and Landon ate all the meat, they are a day apart and everytime I have them together I get a glimpse of what it must be like to have twins.

Here are all Landons favorite toys!!! His CARS cars, he loves these things, everyday he asks to go and buy a new one. I swear we have looked EVERYWHERE to find these cars. This is mostly all he plays with now, I could get ride of all of his other toys and he probably would not notice. He loves those things. He loves to drive them along the walls, line them up, sleep with them, wash them in the sink and the tub and we always have to take 2 everywhere with us. (he tries to get us to take more by saying "UM 3, 4 , 5?") So silly, I am glad he has toys he loves so much, I love watching him play with them. He does not share these ones very well so we have to put them away before friends come over. As you can see I forgot to put them away before Ila came over and that was the source for many of the hitting. :O( Opps!

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Kirsten and Jon said...

At least she's a cute "other woman" if I do say so myself. We love you guys, and love that Ila has a true friend, she loves Landon, you can see it in the pictures, and she wouldn't hit him if she didn't love him, just like boys chasing girls at recess and pulling their hair.