Thursday, October 23, 2008

One small step for Landon one Giant leap for mom!

So Landon now takes himself to the potty, goes pee and then comes and tells me. YEAH!!!! I am so excited, we are on our last pack of diapers that I got for Braddoc from my shower so I am hoping that Landon is fully trained here soon so I dont have to buy size 1 and size 4 diapers, will totally help the pocket book. I am so proud of him, it just makes my heart leap when he learns something new. I am so glad that he likes going potty now and realizes that he needs to go and takes himself, that I dont always have to ask him and he doesn't have to have a little accident to realize he needs to go. Totally excited!!!! Good job Landon, keep up the good work!!!


Kirsti said...

Lucky you! I wish my little guy would show more interest. I guess it will come with time.

Christina said...

WOW, it took Carter FOREVER to go potty on his own. And still now I have to harass him.