Saturday, October 11, 2008

My little baby is two months!

Braddoc is now two months (well a little more). He had his two month check up on Wednesday and these were his stats:

24 inchs
11 pnds (even)
39 cm (head)

My baby is getting so big. He is long and skinny like Landon. He is in the 95th percential for his height and the 55th for his head, (peanut head).
He is trying so hard to roll over. I need to give him more tummy time but with a dog and big brother its not so east to get "safe" tummy time.

He is holding his head up so good. He gets tired of it after a while and just wants to lay there. He loves to be held and look all around at things. He smiles all the time and loves to just watch everything. He wants to be around us all the time. He is totally content to just sit in this swing or his bouncer, but he wants someone in the room with him, he does not like to be alone. He also can not sleep during the day if its quiet. When you are holding him he likes to pat you on the back or the side and if I am burping him he pats me at the same time. :O) I love it!He tries to hard to stand while he is one our lap and loves to stand facing you. We had a lot of pictures with big smiles on them but they were all blurry (note to self teach Noah to use the camera.) Braddocs big scare moment:

Yesterday he was in the bouncer in the kitchen just talking to me while I was cooking. He was cooing and babbling and just being so sweet. Landon was throwing a hard ball up and down the hallway. I told him to be careful and not to throw it in the kitchen or he might hit baby. He was being so careful and making sure he did not throw it too far. One time it hit the floor and rolled all the way into the kitchen. Landon ran in to get the ball and picked it up and as I yelled "NO" and grabbed for the ball he chucked it down the hall. He has a very hard throw and in an instent it knocked Braddoc right in the head. He of course started screaming and turning blue because he was screaming so hard he had a tough time breathing. I picked him up and Landon kept trying to get him to "Hug him, tell I sorry!" I felt so bad for both of them, I knew Landon did not mean too and he was so upset. Braddoc cried for about 30 minutes non stop and got a huge welt on his forhead. Noah was at work so I had no idea what to do. I waited a bit to see him he was going to be okay, see if he threw up or was lethargic or anything but he finally stopped crying and calmed down and was happy baby again. I was so panicy and worried, I am just so glad that he is okay.


Boston Family said...

I can't believe our babies are two months old! I usually look at him and see Landon but these pics he looks like you. Sorry you had a scary moment. I hate when they cry like that. After I got off the phone with you Avery cried for 2 1/2 hours. He had a reaction to his shots. Since he never cries it totallly freaked me.
That's sweet that Landon was sorry.

Momma Hoffman said...

Aurie!!! I found you through Kellie. I can't belive how much Braddock and Landon look alike!! They are both so adorable! Congradulation on your beautiful family!