Thursday, October 30, 2008

My hundred Acre Woods

So if you ever watch cartoons on the Disney Channel in the morning you will know who I am, if not, Ill tell you. I asked Landon what we should be for halloween and this is what he picked. Pooh, Tigger, Darby. Darby is Christopher Robins little sis, she is one of Tigger and Poohs friends, THE SUPER SLUETHS!! They slove all the problems in the hundred acre woods, and Landon LOVES them. He can quote a lot of the Super Sleuth sayings and so thus our Costumes. Landon is pooh, Braddoc is Tigger and mommy is Darby.... daddy is at work. We had a blast at the trunk or treat. Landon was not really sure what to do and it took a bit for him to catch on but once he did he did so good. He kind of got run over by the bigger kids, and he is so soft spoken that he got over looked, so mommy had to urge him forward, some of the trunks scared him but he hung in there. He kept wanting to eat the candy. He would put some in his mouth, realize it had the wrapper on it, take it out hand it to me and tell me "I dont like it!" (oh darn no candy for him). When we were done him and his little friend Ila were running around being crazy. They kept running in circles and dancing the the halloween songs. People kept commenting that they were really hopped up on candy. Funny thing though, Landon did not have a single piece, he is just crazy busy all the time.

When we were leaving he told me he had to go potty, so into the building and to the little nursery potty, he did so good, I was so proud. (he also went while we were shopping today, in the store, TWICE!!!! we are on a roll yeah Landon!)

I am so not a red head~~~ I love my brown hair, this wig made me really appriciate it!!

The Super Sleuths.

My boys, besterific buds! (as tigger would say)

Kirsten and John, (our good friends) dressed up as Mario and Luigi, too cute!! Good job Kirsten! Ila their little girl (above) was Princess Peach, they did so good. Kirsten helped me out big time since I was husbandless, she took Braddoc and held him while he feel asleep while she passed out candy. Thank you so much Kirsten!!!! We love you guys!!!

More trick or treating pics tommorow!!!


Kirsti said...

Absolutely adorable! Halloween is such a blast!

Sabrina said...

They boys looked so adorable, and I must say you made a pretty cute Darby!

Dez said...

You look so great! I didn't even see you at the Trunk or Treat-bummer! Well maybe I did and I didn't recognize you:) You look darling with that red hair! Oh man about your husband. Let me know if you ever need a friend or any help!!

Troy and Andrea said...

Brayden was Tigger last year! The same exact costume too! Did ya'll get it from the Disney Store? Too cute!!!

Christina said...

The Trunk or Treat was so much fun! My boys loved dressing up. it's so cute to see all the kids in there costumes.

kAt said...

I think that choice of costume was cute. You pulled off Darby real good. What a cute Fam.