Friday, October 03, 2008

Kids say the darnest things!!!

Just wanted to Post some hilarious (to us anyway) Landon sayings. It cracks me up what kids pick up and how they chose to us it.

Tonight after Landon got out of the bath he was laying on our bed naked playing with Noah.
Noah lays his head on Landon bottom and Landon laughs and rolls away

Noah: Oh! That was so soft looking I thought it was a pillow.
Landon: No! Its poopin!!! (lifts his bum in the air) See por pooping! Poo poo! See!!!

So right you are Landon!!!

Landon has a book called "The Magic Word" Its supposed to teach kids to say Please. Its about an Elephant that says to her mom "I want some peanuts" and she asks over and over and her mom does not give them to her till she says the magic word.... Please!!!We read it all the time and he loves it!!!! So heres what he has learned....

Landon: I want some jellybeans.
Aurie: Whats the magic word?
Landon: Um, I want some peanuts.
Aurie: (not understanding yet) Oh you want peanuts instead?
Landon: No I want Jellybeans.
Aurie: Okay you can have some but tell me using the magic word.
Landon: I want some peanuts..... I have some jellybeans.

Then it hits me, I want some peanuts is what he thinks the magic word is. Always a laugh!

Landon tosses everything to us. So last night he was done with his cup that his Mango smoothie had been in and he tosses it to Noah. The smoothie flies out of the cup and through the air, mom gasps, Dad says "OH NO!" as it lands and spills on him and Landon says.....


Needless to say I had to leave the room I was laughing so hard.

We are at our WIC appointment and we were talking about throwing balls. Landon told Noah what he had done for the day....

Landon: I throw balls!
Noah: Really.... was it fun?
Landon: I throw balls over fence.
Noah: You threw the balls over the fence?
Aurie: No you did not, silly boy!
Landon: I throw balls over the fence and go to time out!
Noah and I cracking up
Aurie: You did not go to time out!
Landon: I throw balls over fence, go to time out and get whooping. (while smacking his bottom)
Aurie: (trying hard not to roll on the floor laughing.) When have you ever gotten a whooping?
Landon: Yeah! I throw balls get whooping and time out.
Both Noah and I are dieing laughing.... this child has never gotten a whooping, where do they pick this up?

Landon yelling at our dog Annabelle for doing something he did not like
"Annabelle, bad girrel (girl) go to time out right now. Sit down, bad girrel, get spanking, time out now. I SAID NOW!"

Seriously, if you hear my child you would think I should be demmed an unfit mother.... I totally do not say these things to him. Where do kids get this stuff?

He remembers EVERYTHING!!! We went to Walmart and he got to pick out 2 cars. He picked Fillmore and Chick Hicks from CARS, and had to leave Hamm behind. As I was tucking him into bed tonight....

Aurie: I love you! Ill see you in the morning!
Landon: Yeah, go to walmart buy Hamm! Okay good night!

His new answer for everything instead of yes is: SURE!!!! or UH SURE!!!

He has been sick for about a week now, and he is finally getting his energy back. Everything he wanted to go play of eat candy, I would tell him that he is sick and he has to get better first..... so here is what he learns....
Tonight in the bath,
Aurie: Landon can you push the button and let the water out?
Landon: Sure!!!
Tries for a quick second.
Landon: Um nope, my hand hurts.... see! I no do it. I sick!!!

So thats his new excuse when he does not want to do something. "I sick!" got that several times today.

There are several more but its late and my mind has stopped working!!!

Hopefully you get as much of a kick out of these as we did.... or rather do!!!!

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mikensi.jimmy said...

how funny! peanuts is the magic word for little landon. LOL!