Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ive been Tagged, Twice!!!!

So two people have tagged me!!! I suppose I should set it up to link to both.

So here goes!!!!

The Rules:

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Write six random/little known things about yourself.

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No clue how to link..... But Jennifer and Mandy tagged me! Here goes.....

6 things you dont know about me........

1. I HATE eggs! I hate the look of eggs and the smell of eggs. I hate when Noah cooks them and I have to smell them, it makes me gag and want to throw up. The smell makes me skin crawl and being around someone eating them makes me sick to my stomach. Even when I am baking and I have to mix eggs into something, (like a cake) it makes me sick, I think I can taste the eggs the whole time I am eating it and I am so anal about making sure they are beaten so good that there will not be any "cooked egg chunks" in my food. Its crazy I know, but I cant help it. Even that picture of eggs make me sick. :O( BLAH!

2. I am TERRIFIED of sharks. As a kid I witnessed a shark attack on a beach in Flordia. I will absolutely not go in the ocean. I love to sit on the beach but I will not go in the water. I was terrified of taking a bath and have a shark come through the drain. I WILL NOT swim in lakes either because I am afraid of sharks and get a panic attack while swimming. I get scared of the lines in the bottom of swimming pools and start panicking and cant breathe because I think its a shark. I wont even go on a ship not even a cruise ship because Im afraid it would sink and I would get eaten by a shark.... so so far, I am just telling yall how crazy I am. They do fascinate me and I love to learn about them.

3. I do not like reheated food. I wont eat reheated leftovers and I really dont like reheated meat. I will not eat stakes if they have been frozen first. I have to buy them and cook them fresh. I really just think the taste of it is gross and it makes me sick to my stomach so I cant eat it.

4. I am really weirded out by bugs. I hate the thought of them and they creep me out. I even get weirded out when I am eating food with spices in it because if there are dark spices I freak out because I think its a bug. If I find what may be pepper on the counter I have to disinfect the whole thing because it could be bugs. If I made cookies or cake and its been sitting on the counter to cool off for too long I wont eat them and if the leftover cake has been out for more then a day or two (covered) I wont eat it because I think bugs may have gotten to it. I had to do a picture of cartoon bugs because a picture of real bugs makes me all creepy crawly.

5. I have always wanted to do something along the lines of dealing with criminals. First it was a detective like Nancy Drew and then a Prosecuting attorney and from there a CSI and then to a criminal phsycologist and then I figured out what I really wanted to do, FBI Profiling. I read a ton of books and applied to the FBI Academy. I even got excepted for my freshman year, when I was a Junior in High School. I however broke my elbow and shoulder at work the summer before I was supposed to start and therefor could not go. :O( Its okay though, I could not be a mom and wife and do that too, it just would not work out for me and really in my heart a mom is what I really always wanted to be. So now instead I live vicariously through the show CRIMINAL MINDS (which is about a group of profilers). Maybe one day when I go back to finish college I can get a degree to be a criminal physcologists (part of the way there already). However I dont know if I could handle getting into the minds of those types of people...... we will see.

6. Im a HUGE Clive Cussler fan. I love his books and I love to pretend Im on the same adventures he is. I would love to go on his adventures and save the world. I even contemplate the government secrets it talks about in the books and Im a little crazy and wish that I could be like Benjamin Yates from National Treasure and find the book of secrets (of government cover ups) and read it. I dream of crazy adventures and plan all the wild things Noah and I are going to do when our kids leave. Like discovering the lost city of Atlantis and traveling down into the ocean to see the Titanic (got to get over my fear of sharks for that one).

I tag... Amy, Kirsten, Amanda, Tara, Sabrina, and Courtney. Ide love to learn more about you ladies. :O) Humor me!!!

So there are my little known secrets, I know Im crazy, but thats what makes life exciting.


jamiegilson said...

You are too funny. That was lots of fun to read. Bet you probably hate my nature trail blogs. I'm so fascinated by bugs ... except cockroaches. Now there's my phobia.

Kirsten and Jon said...

I already knew all those things, except for swimming in lakes, really, sharks in the lake? It's interesting how reaching fears can be. Someday we will have to get you over atleast going in a lake, and jet skiing. Your seriously missing out. :)

Amanda XOX said...

Wow you have me totally wondering about stuff now. I wish you were my college roommate so our kitchen would always be clean =o) I like eggs, but that picture was gross, totally gross!!

Jen said...

I have a secret crush on Dirk Pitt. I love how Clive always shows up to save the day.
And oh, I think they have medication to help with some of those fears. lol I take some of them, in fact! rofl.
I love and miss you guys!

Tara and family said...

I have been tagged so many times, and I keep putting it off. But OK Aurie, I will do it for you! I am setting a goal of posting my tag tomorrow afternoon, after 1 1/2 yrs of not following through on a tag, I am really going to do it. At least I am going to try and not get distracted again. :) i really enjoyed this one, it's simple, and interesting. Thanks!