Thursday, October 23, 2008

I dont wanna grow up!

So Landon was taking his bath in the "big boy" and Braddoc was taking a bath in his baby tub. I finished washing Braddoc and Noah went to get him dressed while I got Landon a towel. This is what I came back in too. I suppose he likes the baby tub better. :O) He told me "I be little." then he tried to move and when he got stuck, "I get out. I dont like it" (his new thing "I dont like it.") He tried to get out and leaned on the back and all the water spilled out all over the floor. That was a mess to clean up, but as my BFF Kirsten says "Dont get mad take a picture." It really was funny! I think I laugh at most the things that go terribly wrong or crazy, got to find the humor or Ill never make it through the day.

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Amanda XOX said...

Yeah, don't get mad, take a picture! Great advice. We finally put the baby tub in the big tub and filled them both up for simultanious bath times after spilling baby's bath water too many times =o)